Friday, May 9, 2008

My Theme Song

Today I feel called to post twice after reading Julie's song lyrics, they have been my theme song for years. Funny how God hooked the two of us together Julie! When I pull in the driveway with my 1980's cassette tape of Tom Petty blasting the song 'I Won't Back Down' my husband asks, "What happened today?" and "Are you okay?" This song has spoken to me for years, before and after knowing Christ, always giving me strength and hope in a world that is often 'dragging me down.' Honestly, I never knew who wrote it or that it had been recorded by other artists and to see it on the blog today reminded once again how we need to stand strong, not back down, and truly walk in the calling God has laid on our hearts. This leads me into my next post . . . God's calling.


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