Monday, May 30, 2011

Destiny Thieves Chapter 4

I continue sharing my brief notes on Sandie Freed's Destiny Thieves. She is an author I believe is essential to read if intercessory prayer is a call on your life. My notes are just that, buying her book is a must!

Chapter 4
Scripturally rising of bread brings desired multiplication. If it is leaven or yeast of sin that is undesired multiplication.

Ways yeast multiplies
.1. Negative reports (the spies from Numbers 13:30).  Choosing not to believe God has consequences. Negativity can split a congregation, discourage leaders, cause strife and division and steal vision.
1.      Idle words. Matthew 12:35. Idle words means we aren’t watching over our words. The enemy then can twist and multiply them into negativity. Joshua took 12 silent trips around city to rid of negativity and only on 13th could shout of victory be released
2.      Having a better idea than God’s. Saul spared Agag, king of Amalekites, completely disobeying God.

3.      Playing blame game.. 1 Samuel 15:15. Problems only multiply when we deny our sin.
What is not destroyed rises up to destroy us. If leaven isn’t utterly destroyed, it rises up and makes a lump. We must allow God to lay His axe to our unholy root systems. We must embrace fire of His purity or our sin will rise up and destroy us.

Saul compromised and made an unholy alliance with the king of the Amalekites. It aborted his destiny. Choices determine destiny. Ask the Lord if you have made any wrong choices and if so, repent. Ask Him to reveal any leaven and repent for ungodly multiplication.

No Leaven=Open Heaven

Never compromise
Open your heart to receive all truth at all times
Leave denial at the Jordan
Every battle should be devoted to the Lord
Accept responsibility for your sins and repent
Vow that you will utterly destroy all and keep your vows
Each time of breakthrough give glory to God
Negativity breeds more negativity

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Destiny Thieves Chapter 3

I continue sharing brief notes from Sandie Freed's Destiny Thieves. This book is a must have for prayer warriors.  Purchase here.

Chapter 3

Belial was a seducing spirit sent to team up with other spirits for the total seduction of Hannah’s mind and emotions.

Belial means wicked, ungodly, evil, worthless, good for nothing.  Attempts to wear you out and down. It is a demonic stronghold that reinforces patterns of shame.  When Belial is active the shame is unbearable and overwhelms our faith. Some have committed suicide.

Belial works through a person or group that is a self proclaimed leader who administrates power through illegitimate authority. The person has an offense of lack of recognition and seeks others to join his/her side. Will gain spiritual authority and control/manipulate by twisting words in attempt to destroy unity. These leaders guide through rebellion. Deuteronomy 13

Belial is strong enough to manifest in sexual perversion even for a father to offer own daughter to be abused. Judges 19

Belial must be addressed and prayed against, ostrasized and rendered helpless by giving no place in church. Discipline necessary where there are attempts to disrupt unity

Belial will try to steal inheritance as Jezebel used Belial  to falsely testify against Naboth.

Belial was so strong that even cattle was destroyed where belial spirit was found.

Belial has selfishness and self centeredness as 1 Samuel 30 where David’s men didn’t want to share spoils of battle.

Belial wants us worn down, feeling dead to the point of losing vision.  Like a vulture picking piece by piece.

Strategies for overcoming Belial—through the power of the Holy Spirit
1.      Be determined to fight for your blessings---like Hannah and Jacob
2.      Have faith in the God of the possible
3.      Realize your strength lies in warfare. Come out of the wilderness prepared like bride of Solomon and Esther come out prepared, anointed, cleansed and purified.
4.      Be a covenant warrior. Only way to receive covenant blessing is through warfare.  Soldiers surrounding marriage bed had swords at thigh representing strength and reproduction. Caleb was 80, still fighting and declaring, Give me my mountain!

Recognizing Belial at work
1.      Physical attacks and weakness, worn out
2.      Generational spiritual wickedness
3.      Overwhelming shame and hopelessness
4.      Lies, uncontrollable feelings of failure
5.      Thoughts of suicide
6.      Recognizing a thief in finances or losing inheritance
7.      False accusations
8.      Selfishness, greed, self centeredness,
9.      Lust, perversion, unclean thoughts
10.  Idolatry in any form
11.  Lazy, lukewarm and compromising
12.  Illegitimate authority, unable to trust and submit to authority
13.  Natural or spiritual barrenness
14.  Negativity

How to pray a prayer of deliverance and repentance
1.      Renounce all ways you agreed with Belial’s lies
2.      Ask the Lord to forgive you for each area of sin
3.      Be specific in renouncing each generational pattern
4.      Ask God to forgive ancestors and yourself for allowing Belial seat of authority
5.      Break covenant with lies of Belial which you agreed
6.      Agree with God’s word and what He declares over your life
7.      Thank Lord for blood of Jesus.

Surrendering the good, the bad, and---maybe one day---the chocolate
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Destiny Thieves Chapter 2

I continue to share my brief notes on Sandie Freed's book, Destiny Thieves. Her books are instrumental for anyone who is a prayer warrior. I encourage you to buy this book!

Chapter 2
Steps to overcome perilous times and attacks
1.      Pray
2.      Put on full armor of God and take a firm combat position in spiritual warfare
3.      Activate gift of spiritual discernment
4.      Use keys of Kingdom, loosen all power of enemy and bind perfect will of God
5.      Be on guard and spiritually alert at all times
6.      Become more committed to serve God
7.      Remain accountable to authority
8.      Don’t compromise

During perilous times a spirit of false prophecy will arise.

In local church satan can enthrone himself through strife, complaining, division, gossip and murmuring. Unless repentance takes place we’re deceived and it aborts our destinies.

Satanic territorial assignments are strategic in attempts to influence and seduce large amounts of people.

Strongholds are well fortified places in our mnds that satan has influenced.
Idolatry is choosing to believe satan’s lies over God’s word.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Destiny Thieves Chapter One

I don't wear a cape or wear a costume but one of the calls on my life is to be an intercessor. Over the years Jesus has trained and prepared me not that I'm perfect, but that when I pray in Jesus' name, I believe. With prayer times that heavy I know those prayers are contending with things I can't see or often don't understand. I want to be as armed as possible so I read up as much as I can and share what I learn with other prayer warriors.

One of the most consistent resources is Sandie Freed. Her books are thorough and filled with Scripture to back up the information. My plan is to take the summer and share the brief notes I took from reading her books. They are by no means comprehensive so do yourself a favor if you share the same call on your life and get these books.

First up, Destiny Thieves. Click here to purchase.

Chapter 1
Possession is a three step process.
1.      Make a firm decision to move forward
2.      Set one’s face like flint toward destiny
3.      Walking in the empowerment of His grace to move forward and possess one’s mountain of inheritance.

Amalekites are a tribe that robs destiny and must be driven out in order to possess promise.

The process of stealing leaders:
1.      Seduce them into believing they don’t fit. This leaves them alone, unprotected and vulnerable.

Jezebel-A seducing spirit, a painted lady. Also worked in unity with the sons of Belial, falsely accusing Naboth, stealing and murdering. 1 Kings 21.

Another plan is to seduce followers so there is no one holding up arms as Aaron and Hur did for Moses against Amalekites. Then senior pastors are weary and give up.

Once sheep are wounded and inactive , Jezebel hits target. Stronghold moves into congregation to control atmosphere through intercession, worship and prophetic  ministry.  Discredit with false accusations to undermine authority.

Only way to overcome the spirit of Jezebel is by proclaiming the blood of Jesus and victory of the blood using our testimony against it.

Ministries with mandate to fulfill Ephesians 4:11 to train and equip saints will face an evil assignment of destruction.  We must draw blood like and declare enemy can’t step through boundary of the blood of Jesus.

Sandie often brings in a red ribbon and ties to hospital beds as a sign of the bloodline being drawn in spirit realm, pray blood of Jesus, draw bloodline and command satan and spirits of death to leave premises.

We must proclaim testimony for victory.

Julie's note: I pray as you read these notes and get these books you not react in fear but be proactive in resolve. If Christ is your Savior you have the authority In His Name. Don't let what you read scare you, but empower you. The enemy is already defeated, don't ever forget that!

Surrendering the good, the bad, and---maybe one day---the chocolate
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