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Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord Chapter7 to End

These are my personal notes from Sandie Freed's Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord. I kind of lost track of the chapters but this is what I have for the rest of the book. These are great strategies for your prayer closet in Jesus but please, get the book. There is so much more than my little notes.

Chapter 7
Devil employs seducing spirits to steal the lives and destinies of God’s strong warriors. He perverts our passion and redirects it toward worldly pleasures—just as Delilah.

The 5 Philistine Kings who bought Delilah
Lord of the Gazathites. The enemy seeks to establish a well fortified place in our lives to establish a strong hold.  Bill Hamon, a strength left unguarded is a double weakness. We can use strength God has given us, submit to Him and possess our Promised Land.

Lord of Ashdothites
A fortified place, to oppress and act violently, divided and cut up. The enemy seeks to divide us and finds a Delilah who will submit to strategies of strife, division and rebellion.

Characteristics of Spirit of Mammon
Constant worry and anxiety over money
Poor money mgmt
Consistent financial lack
Poverty mentality
Impulse buying
Selfishness and self centeredness
Greed and covetousness
Chronic dissatisfaction
Bondage of debt
Exaggerated estimation of money and power

Lord of Eshkalonites
Another territory Judah had possession and Philistines took away. Migration, taken, fire of shame, contempt. This unclean spirit is a generational assignment of shame and contempt that migrates from one family to another. Gaining ground to lose. Shame can put you in a holding pattern

Lord of the Ekronites
Uprooting, emigration. Samson uprooted from destiny and purpose.Samson crossed boundaries. Satan wants to seduce us to emigrate from our destinies. Delilah got Samson to cross boundaries.

Lord of Gittites
This spirit falsely prophesies and says you won’t be able to defend the giants. Winepress metaphor ruthless trampling and invading armies. Delilah applied pressure against Samson daily to the point his soul was vexed. Delilah was a choice wine that could intoxicate Samson with female pressure. We must remain committed to the future and endure the press. We must stand firmly on promises of the Lord, not backing away from destiny. We have to go through press of change.

Delilah operates in slow seduction where Jezebel and Athaliah were straight to the point. She isn’t power hungry except for power mammon provides. She’s a team player, not a blatant murderer, an idol worshiper although  she didn’t bring idols into another country she did seek to influence others to worship her gods.  The main assignment of Delilah is to attack those who have made a firm vow to the Lord.

He literally brought down the house killing 3k Philistines and destroying Dagon. God had the last word. If you have felt the seduction of Delilah and it has stolen your strength and destiny-your hair will grow again.

Dagon-highly acclaimed national deity of Philistines. Portrayed as a human’s upper torso connected to lower half of fish. Human sacrifice. Dagon’s head severed-head represents authority and headship and intellect. Dagon and Jezebel came to their knees and hands, falling into presence of the Lord. Showdowns between Yahweh and Dagon will always end with Yahweh victorious.

When we pray we should direct prayers toward overthrowing the powers of darkness that cause poverty and lack of fruitfulness. We should take authority over every barren situation. We can’t let the devil get a “head”. Must renew minds with truth. Put on armor of God every day.

Be on the lookout for your breakthrough. Joy comes in the morning
Expect the supernatural to invade the natural
Live each day with great expectation. God wants to perform for you today.
Intercede for your family and your nation and expect God to intervene.
Excel in your expectations of God as you move from faith to faith, glory to glory and strength to strength
Victory is yours as you gain hope for your future
Excitement is contagious. Share the revelation you have gained with someone else.

Surrendering the good, the bad, and---maybe one day---the chocolate
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Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord Chapters 4-6

I forgot to label my chapters when I took notes so this is a combo of chapters 4-6. If you are a prayer warrior do yourself a favor and purchase Sandie Freed's Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord.

Chapter 4
Battling Jezebel requires being cleansed from unrighteousness and tearing down false idols. False images must be torn down to dethrone satan from his seated position. If idol isn’t torn down iniquity are passed down from one generation to the other. We can’t defeat Jezebel and the demonic powers that influence her evil behavior without tearing down Baal and establishing God’s divine order upon the Earth. To do warfare against Jezebel without loosening the spirit of Baal is shadowboxing. If false idols aren’t torn down and the enemy dethroned then satan has legal access to oppress us. Freedom from stronghold usually means wilderness.

Confronting Jezebel
Never go alone. The spirits will manipulate and control to point that counselor becomes confused and disoriented.
Pray before you go and have intercessors pray during your confrontation.
Ask for divine revelation concerning strongholds. Jezebel likes to keep a lot hidden but God is faithful to reveal.
Keep a journal
Tape record if pastor or counselor for protection

Don’t be afraid of Jezebel. No weapon satan uses against us will prosper and He will silence the tongue of our enemy. Submit self to hand of God and ask for His empowerment to confront the Jezebel stronghold influenceing your life. Tell Lord you desire all He has for you. Ask Lord to begin to change you into His divine image. Rise up and declare His power to overcome.

Repent, tear down idols and dethrone satan.

Athaliah ruled the land 2 Kings 11:3
She destroyed anyone who threatened her throne including her grandsons. She attacks generations of a family to destroy a people and nation. Hitler, Nero. Athaliah targets all Judah represents spiritually. Judah is a covenant promise, a praise, a warfare of strength and power. If Athaliah had her way David or Joshua or descendants would ever been born. Jezebel and her seed will always falsely accuse others for what they did. We always need to be praying for those seeds of righteousness to be divinely protected from the enemy’s plan.

We plan, strategize and seek weapons of strategy to defeat Athaliah while the enemy hurls false accusations toward us, attempting to intimidate us. Keep praying! The devil has targed our children, our seed, possessions of our inheritance. David did not listen to Goliath. David’s 5 stones might have been 1 for him in faith and if that failed, 4 for his retaliating brothers. 5 means grace, atonement, life, the cross and fivefold ministries. Five also represents the 5 “I wills” of satan. In choosing 5 stones, David was also overpowering the I wills of Goliath.  Is satan hurling 5 I wills?
Speaking lies? Victory begins at cross of Jesus. Realizing He paid price for deliverance is the first step toward possessing every promise and defeating each Goliath.

David had 6 sons in Hebron. Hebron represents a place of covenant. This was where God established covenant with David by blessing him with a generational seed that had the prophetic destiny to rule and reign forever over Judah. Devil had a different plan.

Amnon chose to be opposite of covenant as incestuous rapist. David’s generations being destroyed, Athaliah was on prowl. Absalom chose murder, betrayal, anger and rebellion.

Abraham is example of crossing over any rivers of doubt that God will save our families from death and despair. 4 kings Abraham battled reveal 4 warfare strategies.

King of Elam-Chedorlaomer
Name means binding up. Our strategy is to ask the Holy Spirit to renew mind and ask He do the same for future generations.

King of Nations: Tidal
Name means terrible, great fear, to make afraid and to shrink back and crawl away. Tidal also means serpent/witchcraft and divination. Our strategy is to bind up occultic powers that hide truth and to advance forward in faith.

King of Shinar: Amraphel
Means sayer of darkness, speak doubt and hopelessness. Our strategy is to speak words of faith and declare God’s life over death’s structures.

King of Ellasar: Arioch
Lion like, a false roar. Our strategy is to guard our ears and thoughts and not listen to voice of the enemy. Greater than Athaliah is the Lion of Judah  He promises to be our deliverer, even to our generations. He promises we and our descendants can choose life, God promised that our generations will always have a place in Him and enjoy His covenant promises.

Revelation 2-4. Sevenfold pattern.
  1. Greeting as if Christ were addressing lives, churches, or even by name.
  2. Christ designated Himself as speaker and the One with attributes to empower the church.
  3. He commended or praised the church for what it was doing correctly.
  4. He rebuked the church for the wrongs it was doing, today calling for repent and change.
  5. He gave warning in which He outlined consequences the church faced if it kept going.
  6. He gave exhortation in which He instructed the church in how to set things right with Him and avoid judgement.
  7. Christ promised what He would do for the church that overcame and embraced His truth.

Freemasons-pressure, people pleasing and afraid to leave because of certain oaths of secrecy. Full of massive deception and uses the evil eye to influence others. It is a false religion. Business owners pressured to join for success. Influenced by Mammon.  This is a lot like Thyatira.

We can’t bow down to compromise.
Spirits of whoredom has unfaithfulness, any form of prostitution, chronic dissatisfaction, love of money, fornication, idolatry, excessive appetite, worldliness

How to pray to overcome Jezebel
1.      Thank God that He is who He says He is
2.      Thank Him for the good that He notices concerning the situation’
3.      Pray a prayer of repentance concerning the areas He rebukes.
4.      Thank Him for the reward and ask Him to strengthen you to overcome the enemy.

Every idol must be torn down so enemy is dethroned.

Surrendering the good, the bad, and---maybe one day---the chocolate
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord Chapter 3

I'm continuing to share my personal notes I took about what I learned by reading Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord by Sandie Freed. These are just my notes, you need to get the book if you are a prayer warrior. Amazing information you need to be armed with. Purchase here.

Chapter 3
People become just like the Gods they serve.

Baal promotes rebellion and conspiracies against godly leaders, causes impatience and unwilling to wait on God’s timing, cause God’s people to doubt abilities of God to lead, people sin, bow down to false idols, eat, drink, rise up and play, mock God, turn from God’s direction, become stubborn. Based on performance rather than relationship. Baal uses false accusations and lies, seize authority illegitimately. Baal promotes religious spirit.Baal was known as god of the heavens, god of horoscope, exalted lord of the earth, lord of the city.If spirit of Jezebel I allowed to operate within a city or local churches you can know Baal is active. Wherever Jezebel is given a place, she brings idol worship and curse of barrenness and desolation takes root.

Associations-with whom one does business. Fear and torment work strongly together and associate with spirits of infirmity. Idolatry is linked with seducing and unclean spirits.

Molech and Rephan were associates of Baal. Molech was god of child sacrifice, a murdering stronghold that took lives of future generations. Roe v Wade was Jezebel and Athaliah with Molech as evil spirit

Rephan was the idol worshiped secretly by Israelites during time in wilderness. Rephan means lifeless, a curse of death. They hid their idols , remained in bondage to Egyptian lifestyle and it brought more grief, sorrow and death. Repent and change

Ashtoreth-Jezebel worshied and served goddess Ashtoreth. She had Ahab build altars for Baal and Asthoreth.

Asthoreth characteristics
Queen of heaven/bride of heaven
Goddess of Good fortune
Goddess of holiness
Goddess of sex
Goddess of war

Baal and Asthoreth work together to promote se*ual perversion, human sacrifice, murder and slander against legitmate authority.. Ashtoreth behind abortion, homose*uality, same s*x marriage and p*rn.

Surrendering the good, the bad, and---maybe one day---the chocolate
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord Chapter 2

These are my personal notes from Sandie Freed's Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord. This is essential information for anyone who believes they are an intercessor for Christ. There is so much to the information I highly recommend you purchase the book. You can do so here.

Chapter 2
Jezebel wants to steal destiny and will use illegitimate authority using witchcraft, flattering words to seduce and infiltrate emotions. If you hear false flattery be cognizant of ulterior motive and underlying witchcraft to bring separation. Divination means python. Python spirit loosed when Jezebel is in midst, squeezes life out of hope, breakthroughs, finances and lives, constricting to point we can’t move forward. Jezebel always has an Ahab.

Jezebels won’t submit, seductive in nature, pits one against another, infiltrates intercessory prayer ministry, prides on being more spiritual, emotionalism, manipulates with false dreams and visions, flattering words, seeks opportunities to teach and wants a platform, twists Scripture, attracted to prophecy, spirit of infirmity, hinders praise and worship. Causes financial lack.

Surrendering the good, the bad, and---maybe one day---the chocolate
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord Chapter 1

This year I read a few of Sandie Freed's books because I felt I needed strategies in my prayer life. She delivers. I took notes on Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord and will share them here. These are my simple notes, purchasing the book is something I can't recommend enough.

Like terrorists demons don’t want to be exposed. The threefold cord is a hellish assignment of end time seductions against the Church.

Chapter 1
Demonic lockdown—no outsiders allowed, not even ministers of the Gospel. Satan plans to lick us unto old patterns of destruction. If enemy is planning a lockdown it must be our season to break into enlarged area where our destiny is to be fruitful and multiply.

Isaiah 54:1-3 NLT
Break forth, enlarge your house, spread out, burst at the seams. The enemy doesn’t want to delay a promise, he desires to seize that promise.

Death structure when devil builds upon the past resulting in death to vision and abortion of destiny.  Surrendering to emotions can hinder one’s journey.

Jezebel is an authority with demonic forces of Athaliah and Deliah co labor.

Ecc 4:12. Number 3---divine Trinity. Three demons would be a union of forces, a threefold demonic cord that would be difficult to overpower.

Spirit of Jezebel inflicts poverty, infirmity, divination, religious spirit. Jezebel brings confusion, fear, doubt.

Spirit of Athaliah destroys generations and generational blessings, goes after generational inheritance with double trouble. Releases false prophecy, witchcraft, divination.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Destiny Thieves Chapter 14

This is it, the last chapter of my notes from Sandie Freed's Destiny Thieves. I have notes for all the chapters but they are my own notes.   You really need her book, I can't say enough about what you can learn as a prayer warrior. Purchase here!

Chapter 14

Caleb’s inheritance
The Lord honored Caleb because Caleb followed fully. Caleb became even more empowered to take possession because He believed God’s promises. Caleb’s inheritance was Hebron which means company, association and communion. We must take communion with unity as body of Christ. Hebron also has a root word of spells and charms. As we as body of Christ  move into rightful inheritance we will run into darkness. Use faith, not fear. A grasshooper complex has a doubting heart, negative speech, unbelief, distorted self image, inferiority, lack of proper focus.

To take Hebron must:
Examine words, wholly and completely follow the Lord, have faith in God’s promises, Keep eyes on God and not your mountain, be strong and have courage, remember once you decide on destiny, empowerment is released to fulfill destiny.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Destiny Thieves Chapter 13

Almost done! Here are notes on Sandie Freed's Destiny Thieves. Although I've blogged about the chapters, you still need to get the book. Purchase here! 

Chapter 13
Shifting means a change, moving levels. God instructed Joshua to rise up, go over and your feet shall tread. You can’t rise up if your shift is in neutral.

While going over there will be pain but it is for future gain. You will have cold feet and feel cold, alone and vulnerable. Stay with your destiny link as Ruth stayed with Naomi. Anointing is imparted from head down. We must cross over in oneness.

Possessing –tread means tramping, a military march and possession. Stake our claim to the ground. As we move forward we will make a great sound. Joshua knew how to fight for a promise. 

RISE Up=Respond In Sincere Expressions Until Purpose and Destiny are Accomplished.

Surrendering the good, the bad, and---maybe one day---the chocolate
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