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Destiny Thieves Chapters 10 & 11

Ooops! I forgot to write in my notes when Chapter 11 started so today there are two chapters included. Good stuff, take your time reading. As always, these are just my own notes. Purchasing Sandie Freed's Destiny Thieves is a must.

Chapter 10
Characteristics of the Unclean Spirit
  1. Exhibits unkempt appearance and defiled speech. Unclean home. A continual pattern of natural uncleanness almost always means there is a spiritual root.
  2. Evidenced by lust, sexual perversion and pornography
  3. Manifests in rigid belief systems
  4. Encourage doubt and unbelief
  5. Influences a regional/territorial stronghold
  6. Keeps People in dead places, bondage and mental torment (like mosquitoes in stagnant waters sucking life out of victims) If we stop moving to God’s will we then move to defilement then rebellion.  Rebellion opens door to witchcraft and other demonic spirits. Mark 5. Sandie has counseled women so tormented by unclean spirit they begin cutting themselves but typical way is for Christians to cut each other. Unclean spirits want to keep us bound in tombs spiritually
  7. Promotes words of death and evil reports. Unclean spirits want you to focus on others than focus on our own areas of defilement. We must keep searching our hearts for defilement.
  8. Aborts and separates destiny. Dead places promote disunity and separation.
  9. Travels with other spirits. Unclean spirits often travel with Jezebel and Absolam spirits and religious spirits.  Absolom promotes disunity and slander against true authority. Jezebel promotes idolatry , false belief systems, fornication and sexual perversion.
  10. Sickness, disease and death become generational patterns
  11. Robs faith and determination by wearing you out.
  12. Separates from destiny links and causes loss of vision
Driving out unclean spirits
Doubt and unbelief manifest in an unclean spirit the best way to uproot is to speak God’s word in faith. Clean hearts and spirit are also needed to drive out unclean spirit. Must recognize it is defilement, repent for all areas of defilement, remember His word and ways for proper cleaning and healing, righteousness is the right choice, reel in your thoughts, renew your mind, regard righteous living as a necessity and utterly destroy all. Once done, do not be like Lot.  Don’t look back!

Jezebel example was a woman who had a cold stare for Sandie daring her not to allow her to grab the microphone and speak a word to the congregation. Sandie prayed, battling intimidation (Jezebel) wondering what to do given they had spent months trying to give this woman godly correction she rejected every time. The cold eyes helped Sandie know it was the time to stand up and not allow her to have the mike. Even though they did, the woman spewed words anyway, and then started speaking in tongues, but it was not from the spirit of God.  There was no interpretation. Mickey took godly authority and took the mike. The woman got up with her family and left and within days, other families joined her.  This is what Jezebel does, resists authority, won’t accept counsel and brings others with her seeking the next leader she can manipulate.

Elijah came up against Jezebel. He was on verge of breakthrough and intimdation overwhelmed him. Her words threaten and give us a vision of despair if we receive them. Like Elijah:
Experience dread and despair
Run from destiny
Find ourselves in the wilderness wanting to die
Become exhausted from torment and running from destiny
Find ourselves in a 40/40 experience where God is calling us out of the cave

Jezebel is portrayed as a
Idol worshiper
Promoter of illegitimate authority
Very strong woman who married ahab

New Testament sees her as
False prophetess
False teacher
Jezebel has no gender
Always works with an Ahab she can control
She is always after prophets so she can teach and share false visions and dreams. False flattery to seduce and gain followers for illegitimate authority. She wants total control. Jezebel means without cohabitation. She won’t submit to anyone and when you battle against Jezebel it is exhausting.

If you have control issues in life, that’s idolatry and opens door to Jezebel.  Repent.
Jezebel controls through flattery, attempts to manipulate through false flattery, attracts the weak and codependent, operates in confusion, manipulates to get own way, seeks position and power, dislikes repentance, promotes idolatry, attracted to false government, dislikes authority, stirs up strife and division, operates in atmosphere of frustration, fear and intimidation.

It takes a Jehu to defeat Jezebel. 2 Kings 9. Characteristics of Jehu
  1. Commander. Like him we must command the demonic stronghold to go
  2. He was a conqueror. Must conquer Jezebel with repentance and spirit of Jehu
  3. He was anointed. Endure processes of God in order to increase anointing
  4. Jehu was determined to achieve destiny. Be like Christ and set our faces like flint toward our destinies.
  5. He had a calling to smite his enemy and he utterly destroyed all.
  6. He slew false prophets, tore down false idols and halted false prophecy. We must renew our minds and tear down exalted imaginations.
  7. Jehu used full strength against his enemy. We must do the same.
  8. Jehu pursued his enemies. He followed in order to overtake and continued to order to accomplish.

Defeating Jezebel means we have to repent (she never did, we must), immediately separate yourself from this spirit/person, remain submitted to delegated godly authority, remain teachable and accountable to authority, replace all fear with great faith, become a prayer warrior and be spiritually alert, develop and rely on on spiritual gift of discernment, remove self from all idolatry, seek servanthood over positions and titles, don’t seek out an Ahab, develop a spirit of Jehu, continue to use your spiritual authority using keys of kingdom to lossen power of enemy. We are seated in place of authority with Jesus Ephesians 2:6.

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