Monday, June 20, 2011

Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord Chapter 1

This year I read a few of Sandie Freed's books because I felt I needed strategies in my prayer life. She delivers. I took notes on Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord and will share them here. These are my simple notes, purchasing the book is something I can't recommend enough.

Like terrorists demons don’t want to be exposed. The threefold cord is a hellish assignment of end time seductions against the Church.

Chapter 1
Demonic lockdown—no outsiders allowed, not even ministers of the Gospel. Satan plans to lick us unto old patterns of destruction. If enemy is planning a lockdown it must be our season to break into enlarged area where our destiny is to be fruitful and multiply.

Isaiah 54:1-3 NLT
Break forth, enlarge your house, spread out, burst at the seams. The enemy doesn’t want to delay a promise, he desires to seize that promise.

Death structure when devil builds upon the past resulting in death to vision and abortion of destiny.  Surrendering to emotions can hinder one’s journey.

Jezebel is an authority with demonic forces of Athaliah and Deliah co labor.

Ecc 4:12. Number 3---divine Trinity. Three demons would be a union of forces, a threefold demonic cord that would be difficult to overpower.

Spirit of Jezebel inflicts poverty, infirmity, divination, religious spirit. Jezebel brings confusion, fear, doubt.

Spirit of Athaliah destroys generations and generational blessings, goes after generational inheritance with double trouble. Releases false prophecy, witchcraft, divination.

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