Thursday, June 9, 2011

Destiny Thieves Chapter 9

We're moving along now! Here are notes from Sandie Freed's Destiny Thieves. If you are a prayer intercessor/warrior make sure you read not just my notes but her book. Purchase here!

Chapter 9
Sandie’s mom had huge lung cancer tumor so doctors scheduled surgery to remove 1/3 of both lungs. Sandie’s sister believed God for a total healing even claiming that the cancer be cursed “to the root” and commanded the root to dislodge from her lungs. Proclaimed healing and reminded the mom of God’s promises of healing.

Next morning Sandie was stuck in traffic and came late. Doctor was in the hall staring at a glass jar. The jar had a solution in it with something strange and black with tentacles/feelers. The doctor said the tumor was larger than they thought, it was angry which meant growing and malignant. When doctor scraped for biopsy the mom coughed abruptly.  When she coughed, the tumor completely dislodged from her lung. The doctor went in for a small biopsy and finished with an entire tumor in the jar. Where the tentacles of the tumor were, the lung immediately healed over with fresh, pink skin. The mother was still on the table, hands in air.  She jumped off the table and started running up and down the second floor yelling that Jesus healed her.  Sandie noted that the tumor even looked demonic but the sister’s prayer that the cancer be cursed from the root and removed came to pass. The total plan of the enemy was trapped inside the jar.

A religious spirit will tell you that miracles died with the apostles. There are layers of growth in faith so although we are saved, deliverance is still needed. The religious spirit will tell you that deliverance happened on the cross and you don’t need any. It will also say that the only Bible is KJV.  A religious spirit says we must teach a certain way, read a certain way, preach a certain way, prophesy a certain way…

A religious spirit will always be after a compromise. It is closely associated with seducing and unclean spirits and that produces doubt and unbelief and then defilement and apostasy. A religious spirit rises up when the corporate body is experiencing a move of God, a major breakthrough, and it will try to dictate the move of God. With new wine means a new wineskin and most of us are afraid to trust God with the new. He is for change. For every Holy Spirit movement of change religious spirit and Jezebel spirit of control and manipulation will rise up.

Religious spirits often manifest in witchcraft because it lures us into rebelling against God’s plan and that is always witchcraft. This happens easily with intercession.  A deceived intercessor will believe they have to control leadership with intercession. Charismatic witchcraft is prayer based upon and individual’s isolated and personal insight, desire and will. Intercessors must remain accountable and teachable.

There are also witches and sorcerers who pray against churches and ministers.

Wherever there is negativity when God begins to pour out His new wine, wineskins begin to rip and tear. His truth won’t compete with old mind sets and traditions then doubt and unbelief and they abort breakthrough. Once evil reports are released defilement follows and that means we open doors to unclean things. An evil report involves false accusation, a distortion of facts and bogus info. Whether we said it or heard it, we receive the evil report and defilement. Left untreated will turn to spiritual and physical disease.

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