Saturday, June 18, 2011

Destiny Thieves Chapter 14

This is it, the last chapter of my notes from Sandie Freed's Destiny Thieves. I have notes for all the chapters but they are my own notes.   You really need her book, I can't say enough about what you can learn as a prayer warrior. Purchase here!

Chapter 14

Caleb’s inheritance
The Lord honored Caleb because Caleb followed fully. Caleb became even more empowered to take possession because He believed God’s promises. Caleb’s inheritance was Hebron which means company, association and communion. We must take communion with unity as body of Christ. Hebron also has a root word of spells and charms. As we as body of Christ  move into rightful inheritance we will run into darkness. Use faith, not fear. A grasshooper complex has a doubting heart, negative speech, unbelief, distorted self image, inferiority, lack of proper focus.

To take Hebron must:
Examine words, wholly and completely follow the Lord, have faith in God’s promises, Keep eyes on God and not your mountain, be strong and have courage, remember once you decide on destiny, empowerment is released to fulfill destiny.

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