Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Destiny Thieves Chapter 12

This was brand new material to me. Good stuff. All chapters have notes but so few compared to what Sandie Freed includes in her book, Destiny Thieves. Purchase today!

Chapter 12
Spirit of Athaliah

Athaliah was Jezebel’s daughter who was twice as vicious and determined to destroy the anointed of God. Because she was offspring of Ahab and Jezebel she had double demonic anointing.Athaliah means whom Jehovah has afflicted with misery, pain, sickness or calamity. She pursued violent acts of destruction to destroy seeds of destiny in the generations.

Jezebel brought idol worship and false prophets to Israel. Athaliah did the same to Judah, so set on authority she murdered all her heirs to the throne.

Characteristics of Athaliah:
Murderous spirit
The thief in operation who would steal, kill and destroy to have her way, jealousy, fear and intimidation, bitterness, rebellion, anger, pride, violent aggression, self-centeredness, false religion (Antichrist spirit), idolatry, manipulation, control, seducing spirit, falsely accuses, lies and deceit
Slaying spirit of Athaliah
To destroy Athaliah it took a priest. We must have the anointing of priesthood.

Characteristics of priesthood
Consecreated, anointed, serves in the house of God, dedicated and committed, holy, clothed with righteous garments, is to  utterly destroy all. We can be assured of victory if we commit ourselves to purification and consecration. It is our season to take off old garments and exchange for righteous garments of Christ.

Sure mercies of David are promises made to David and his seed, his lineage.

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