Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Destiny Thieves Chapter 8

One of my favorite chapters in the book! You're reading my notes from Sandie Freed's Destiny Thieves. I have notes for each chapter but make sure you buy the book. There is so much to soak in, especially if you are a prayer warrior!

Chapter 8
Esther is not just a divinely inspired book but also that specific warfare strategy is revealed against the amalekite spirit, the destiny spirit. There was preparation for each step of her destiny, and opposition. She was anointed at each step. It was tradition to deeply cleanse, purify and anoint the female body in prep for her intimate intercession and relationship with her husband. She was bathed for 12 months in exotic oils.  12-new government authority. Esther was chosen by God to change decrees of death against her own people and step by step she was cleansed, purified and cleansed as she waited her specific position of authority.

She was purified with myrrh for 6 mos. 6= flesh or man.  She was cleansed of all fleshly desires and sinful nature. These treatments were not like calgon but were literally scrubbed into her into those oils and fragrances became a part of her. Myrrh means set apart, but also means bitter.  She had to overcome the bitterness of her abandonment to be set apart in destiny. It is also used in burial prep. Must be death to self and selfish ambition in order to achieve full destiny.  The body of Christ is being cleansed. We are set apart after cleaning for destiny to decree and in Him shift nations, families, government.

Amalekite showed up in Haman as he was descendant of Agag, an Amalekite.  Like Esther, the same plot of destruction is assigned to us if we refuse to bow down to the enemy’s strategy. Once we take a stand like Mordecai the Amalekite is swift to devise a strategy of destruction. Demonically inspired Hamans operate today through manifestations of pride and arrogance attempting to deceive. They want the world to think they are an Aaron and a Hur but they are jealous of true authority of godly leaders.  They work in secret trying to destroy. Many Hamans have wealth and use financial status to control and manipulate in order to gain personal power in decision making. They reinforce old structures of religion. Contemporary Haman example: Hitler

Modern day Esthers are willing to sacrifice reputation, position and acceptance to approach the King and ask for His perfect will to be done. They will lay down their lives if they have to to pioneer a new truth. For these Esther’s to achieve God’s destiny they must destroy wickedness of Amalekite by pressing into greater intimacy with the Lord. Through our intimate times of fellowship and prayer He will give strategies. No matter how weary, intimacy with the Lord is key.  He promised and will bring forth the promises.

Surrendering the good, the bad, and---maybe one day---the chocolate
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