Friday, June 24, 2011

Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord Chapter 3

I'm continuing to share my personal notes I took about what I learned by reading Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord by Sandie Freed. These are just my notes, you need to get the book if you are a prayer warrior. Amazing information you need to be armed with. Purchase here.

Chapter 3
People become just like the Gods they serve.

Baal promotes rebellion and conspiracies against godly leaders, causes impatience and unwilling to wait on God’s timing, cause God’s people to doubt abilities of God to lead, people sin, bow down to false idols, eat, drink, rise up and play, mock God, turn from God’s direction, become stubborn. Based on performance rather than relationship. Baal uses false accusations and lies, seize authority illegitimately. Baal promotes religious spirit.Baal was known as god of the heavens, god of horoscope, exalted lord of the earth, lord of the city.If spirit of Jezebel I allowed to operate within a city or local churches you can know Baal is active. Wherever Jezebel is given a place, she brings idol worship and curse of barrenness and desolation takes root.

Associations-with whom one does business. Fear and torment work strongly together and associate with spirits of infirmity. Idolatry is linked with seducing and unclean spirits.

Molech and Rephan were associates of Baal. Molech was god of child sacrifice, a murdering stronghold that took lives of future generations. Roe v Wade was Jezebel and Athaliah with Molech as evil spirit

Rephan was the idol worshiped secretly by Israelites during time in wilderness. Rephan means lifeless, a curse of death. They hid their idols , remained in bondage to Egyptian lifestyle and it brought more grief, sorrow and death. Repent and change

Ashtoreth-Jezebel worshied and served goddess Ashtoreth. She had Ahab build altars for Baal and Asthoreth.

Asthoreth characteristics
Queen of heaven/bride of heaven
Goddess of Good fortune
Goddess of holiness
Goddess of sex
Goddess of war

Baal and Asthoreth work together to promote se*ual perversion, human sacrifice, murder and slander against legitmate authority.. Ashtoreth behind abortion, homose*uality, same s*x marriage and p*rn.

Surrendering the good, the bad, and---maybe one day---the chocolate
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