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Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord Chapter7 to End

These are my personal notes from Sandie Freed's Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord. I kind of lost track of the chapters but this is what I have for the rest of the book. These are great strategies for your prayer closet in Jesus but please, get the book. There is so much more than my little notes.

Chapter 7
Devil employs seducing spirits to steal the lives and destinies of God’s strong warriors. He perverts our passion and redirects it toward worldly pleasures—just as Delilah.

The 5 Philistine Kings who bought Delilah
Lord of the Gazathites. The enemy seeks to establish a well fortified place in our lives to establish a strong hold.  Bill Hamon, a strength left unguarded is a double weakness. We can use strength God has given us, submit to Him and possess our Promised Land.

Lord of Ashdothites
A fortified place, to oppress and act violently, divided and cut up. The enemy seeks to divide us and finds a Delilah who will submit to strategies of strife, division and rebellion.

Characteristics of Spirit of Mammon
Constant worry and anxiety over money
Poor money mgmt
Consistent financial lack
Poverty mentality
Impulse buying
Selfishness and self centeredness
Greed and covetousness
Chronic dissatisfaction
Bondage of debt
Exaggerated estimation of money and power

Lord of Eshkalonites
Another territory Judah had possession and Philistines took away. Migration, taken, fire of shame, contempt. This unclean spirit is a generational assignment of shame and contempt that migrates from one family to another. Gaining ground to lose. Shame can put you in a holding pattern

Lord of the Ekronites
Uprooting, emigration. Samson uprooted from destiny and purpose.Samson crossed boundaries. Satan wants to seduce us to emigrate from our destinies. Delilah got Samson to cross boundaries.

Lord of Gittites
This spirit falsely prophesies and says you won’t be able to defend the giants. Winepress metaphor ruthless trampling and invading armies. Delilah applied pressure against Samson daily to the point his soul was vexed. Delilah was a choice wine that could intoxicate Samson with female pressure. We must remain committed to the future and endure the press. We must stand firmly on promises of the Lord, not backing away from destiny. We have to go through press of change.

Delilah operates in slow seduction where Jezebel and Athaliah were straight to the point. She isn’t power hungry except for power mammon provides. She’s a team player, not a blatant murderer, an idol worshiper although  she didn’t bring idols into another country she did seek to influence others to worship her gods.  The main assignment of Delilah is to attack those who have made a firm vow to the Lord.

He literally brought down the house killing 3k Philistines and destroying Dagon. God had the last word. If you have felt the seduction of Delilah and it has stolen your strength and destiny-your hair will grow again.

Dagon-highly acclaimed national deity of Philistines. Portrayed as a human’s upper torso connected to lower half of fish. Human sacrifice. Dagon’s head severed-head represents authority and headship and intellect. Dagon and Jezebel came to their knees and hands, falling into presence of the Lord. Showdowns between Yahweh and Dagon will always end with Yahweh victorious.

When we pray we should direct prayers toward overthrowing the powers of darkness that cause poverty and lack of fruitfulness. We should take authority over every barren situation. We can’t let the devil get a “head”. Must renew minds with truth. Put on armor of God every day.

Be on the lookout for your breakthrough. Joy comes in the morning
Expect the supernatural to invade the natural
Live each day with great expectation. God wants to perform for you today.
Intercede for your family and your nation and expect God to intervene.
Excel in your expectations of God as you move from faith to faith, glory to glory and strength to strength
Victory is yours as you gain hope for your future
Excitement is contagious. Share the revelation you have gained with someone else.

Surrendering the good, the bad, and---maybe one day---the chocolate
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