Friday, July 1, 2011

Conquering the Antichrist Spirit Foreward and Chapter 1

This summer I've been sharing my personal notes from reading strategies in Sandie Freed's books. These notes come from Conquering the Antichrist Spirit. I'm only sharing my own notes for my prayer times, you definitely need to purchase the book.


The antichrist system will oppose the Lord and people of Israel. Will fully persecute the righteous and actually set up a form of worship (Daniel 8)

Characteristics of antichrist system:
1.      Denies incarnation of Jesus and His Deity, or it acknowledges Christ’s humanness but not His Deity.
2.      There is usually a strong “charisma” in the system that sets itself up as a savior
3.      It’s armed with satanic power that is ordered and organized. Nazis and communism but can be set up apart from government and can control entire regions through attitudes and beliefs contrary to God’s will.

Five areas the system works:
1.      Anti Semitism. Spirit behind this is spirit of antichrist.
2.      Abuse of the prophetic gift. If true prophets don’t rise up and proclaim truth then a false voice will come up to alienate people even further from Gospel.
3.      Oppression of women
4.      Ethnic domination
5.      Sexual perversion
The enemy will try to change times and the law.

Chapter 1
While the Antichrist is not yet just one person, it is a demonically inspired system whose purpose is to steal the minds of our children and abort the destiny of every believer. We don’t know who we are in Christ and the devil uses our ignorance to destroy us.

Man’s weakness often lies in feeling less than, left out and forgotton. We want to be in the know. Satan’s suggestions will be subtle. What can we do? Put on new selves (Colossians 3:10)

John’s 9 points about the spirit of antichrist:
1.      Test the spirits and see if they are from God
2.      Many false prophets are in the world. They are teaching false doctrine and error.
3.      Spirits that do not confess Christ are not from God.
4.      The Antichrist is coming and is also already here. It was active then and active today. It’s not waiting until the last days to manifest.
5.      If we are His seed (God’s children) we have conquered the spirit of antichrist and teachings of false prophets
6.      The antichrist spirit is from the world
7.      What the Antichrist says is from the world and only the world listens
8.      Those who know God will listen to true apostles.
9.      The spirit of antichrist is rooted in a spirit of error.

If we don’t believe what the Lord says in His word then we are allowing an antichrist spirit to deceive us.

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