Sunday, July 17, 2011

Conquering the Antichrist Spirit Chapter 7

These are my notes I took from Sandie Freed's Conquering the Antichrist Spirit. They are just my own notes, if you are a prayer warrior you need to get her books in your hands.

Chapter 7---12 Tribes continued

Ammiel from Dan. People of God, devoted ally and kinsman. He gave his loyalty to wrong party. He grew up thinking he didn’t measure up. All he had to do was huddle with God.

Sethur from Ashur. Sethur means keeping things hidden. Asher means happy. True happiness is being covered by the Lord but Sethur chose to cover self.

Nahbi means occult and hiding truth. Napthtali means to wrestle, conquer and win the victory. Nahbi stayed rooted in occult, doubt and unbelief. Occult roots found in family history: deception, sexual sin, Masonic Lodge, curses such as re-occuring sickness, insanity, fear and torment, hallucinations, premature death, idolatry, lust and perversion, lust for power, astrology, any practice of witchcraft, control issues, self inflicted injury, nightmares and demonic visitations, black magic.

Geuel-a name that means majesty of God and implies the salvation of God; to lift up and triumph gloriously. Gad means troop, attack, to overcome, invade and to gather together. A ganging up together to attack an enemy. Bad was also the name of a Babylonian deity. Geuel was born with double portions, name implies overcoming gloriously. When Geuel saw his promise and lost faith. Named with potential, born into a world of confusion.

Caleb means dog. Maybe he decided to have bulldog tenacity. He decided to be blessed and trust God. He came from Judah which means praise. Caleb had the same spiritual DNA David did, believed God even when circumstances overwhelmed potential.

Oshea (Joshua) means salvation, safe and victorious from tribe of Ephraim, a double portion. Joshua means to avenge, defend and deliver.. Chose not to see the giants.

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