Thursday, July 21, 2011

Conquering the Antichrist Spirit Chapter 9

Here are more of my own notes I gleaned from Sandie Freed's Conquering the Antichrist Spirit. I just wrote notes for my prayer time, you want the book so you can receive complete information and strategies.
Chapter 9
We must embrace the fire of God and allow Him to purify every area of our lives.
Consuming fire-God is a fire that burns away all impurities

Favorite way of Antichrist is pride. Spirit of Leviathan will seduce us into thinking fire is unnecessary. Spirit of pride and arrogance. Antichrist, coiling serpent, the spirit in garden that lied to Eve. Demon behind Greek thinking. When Leviathan is at zenith mankind doesn’t consult God, especially in politics. Influenced by power to empower the economy, promote easier life and keep money in pocketbooks more than morality. When we have good intentions but consult man/self over God that is Leviathan.  Consequences of Leviathan:
  1. Sons and daughters will be in bondage to serving man.
  2. Our generations will plow his harvest and build his Kingdom above God’s.
  3. Will develop weapons of war to defend man’s kingdom rather than an arsenal of plans and strategies based on the direction of God.
  4. We give our best unto man building his own kingdom rather than God.
  5. We give our tenth that belongs to God to building man’s kingdom rather than God’s which means there is no pressing down, shaking together and running over.
  6. Because we have exalted man, the hand of God’s protection is lifted and there is little relief from the power of the enemy.

Key of David opens doors to us and locks doors on our behalf. We’ve been given same keys of authority to bind and loose enemy and open and shut doors.

Spirit of Rahab mentioned in Isaiah 51. Red Sea being dried so Israel would cross Rahab had to be cut to pieces to ensure corssing over. Rahab means boaster, pride and strength in ability to keep God’s people from crossing over.

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