Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Conquering the Antichrist Spirit Chapter 5

Sharing my notes from Sandie Freed's Conquering the Antichrist Spirit. These are just notes, you so want to purchase the book for all her information and heaven sent prayer strategies.

Chapter 5
Greek thinking-a mindset that caused them to hear the Word but not conceive the Word. Their (Ephesus) inability to remember their first love gave room to a backslidden condition and apostasy and they became vulnerable to the deception of satan and his cohorts. The same spirits that seduced Ephesus are still in action now. We are entrenched with the defilement of ungodly intellectualism and belief systems-we’re infiltrated by spirit of Greek-pride, wisdom and love of head knowledge.

Guillermo Maldonado, New Wine Generation, “The spirit of Greece is the number one enemy of the supernatural.”   Spirit of Greece promotes a rigid structure impregnated with so much human philosophy that man’s objective is to become a god himself.  When we don’t trust God and use reason and intellect we are making ourselves like God.

Maldonado on Greeks:
  1. Denying anything that can’t be explained by Science
  2. Denying existence of demons or need for deliverance from demons
  3. Denying the supernatural
  4. Exhorting and idolizing beauty in any form such as paintings, statues, architecture and sculpture.
  5. Love and worship of physical body
  6. Unhealthy love of sports and idolatry
  7. Theater, fame, arts, masquerades, performances
  8. Spirit of Greece responsible for drug addiction.  Farmakeia is pharmacy and in Greece linked with witchcraft and sorcery and is defined as sorcery and administration of drug
  9. Narcissism-idolatry of self
  10. Po*nography
  11. Oratories-hermeneutical and homiletics. Greek methods to preach word of God but Greek thinking is rigid and leaves no room for Spirit of the Lord to  work miracles.

Spirit of Greece manifests in disobedience. Hebrews sought revelation and applied it to their lives. Green mentality is to gain knowledge for knowledge sake and never change.

Idolatry is replacing God and His Word with anything else.  We’re seeking wisdom of man too often and it brings confusion to the Body of Christ. Many of us are deceived by the shooting stars in the Body of Christ, focused on the signs and wonders. A conference can’t replace intimacy with God. Looking to man and not God can lead to barrenness. We must be patient for God to manifest His works in and through us. A root problem in conceiving  His seed is not trusting God to meet our needs in His timing. When we seek help from anything other than God and don’t recognize that God is the only source of true power, then we are exhalting false and opening door to antichrist spirit. Fix your eyes on Jesus and never take them off.

The enemy is trying to wear us down every day and the Antichrist thinks (imagines) he can change our time and seasons. The only way this can happen is if we agree with his voice. When we cast down imaginations, we are casting down satan’s imaginations of destroying us. He can’t defeat us, he only thinks he can. Cast down that high thing, that thought that is attempting to rise above what God is saying.

Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and fine arts. She hates anything that deals with apostolic, prophetic and supernatural. She is a direct counterfeit for one of the sevenfold spirits of God-wisdom.

Sophia was greek goddess of wisdom and Diana was goddest of war, the hunt and hunted, moon goddess and queen of heaven. Diana is known as the queen of witches.

Athena, Sophia and Diana are demonic strongholds used by the Antichrist to twist God’s true wisdom. Miracle services bring out Athena’s demons-doubt, unbelief, witchcraft, fear and control. Then minds attacked with Greek thinking such as God doesn’t perform miracles today, who do you think you are doing miracles, people don’t believe you’re sent from God and how do you explain a miracle to others?


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