Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sandie Freed's Conquering the Antichrist Spirit Chapter 8

I'm sharing notes I took while reading Sandie Freed's Conquering the Antichrist Spirit. These are just notes I took for my own prayer times. You definitely need to get her books and apply them to your prayer time.

Chapter 8

At every wilderness stop Israel had opportunity to go through doors of enlaregement and opportunity. When God stops us, He is testing us so that we can be proven.

Wilderness of Beersheba Genesis 21:14-20
Where Hagar and Ishmael fled. The wilderness experience requires that His fire burn away all works of any antichrist manifestation.

Wilderness of Paran (Genesis 21:21)
Ishmael grew up in wilderness of Paran. Chronic dissatisfaction, bondage. Building up own kingdom.

Wilderness of Shur (Exodus 15:22-27)
Shur is wall. Hitting a wall as you move forward. We must stop murmuring or it will stop our progress. We can’t blame leaders. Murmuring attracts negativity and wears us down.

Wilderness of Sin (Exodus 16)
Desert area between Elim and Sinai and means thorn. Provisions spent, murmuring started again

Wilderness of Sinai (Exodus 19, Leviticus, Numbers)
Israel’s longest stop. Israel’s need for sanctification. It was Mt. Sinai, in the wilderness, where Moses received God’s law. When we seek God we ascend up His holy mountain. When we follow man we build idols.

Wilderness of Zin (Numbers 13:21)
12 spies were in the wilderness of Zin and at brink of crossover. Flatlands of desert. Falling flat in faith. Heading north gave greater opportunities to increase faith. Rehob means enlargement, open and broad. City Hamath means wall. They turned south and went to Hebron.

Wildernesses of Moab and Kedemoth. Moab involved marching through Edomite territory. Kedemoth was ancients. It is crossing over time, don’t’ allow a boasting spirit to steal your birthright of blessing. We’ve been called to rebuild ancient ruins.

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