Monday, July 11, 2011

Conquering the Antichrist Spirit Chapter 4

I continue to share my notes that I took while reading Sandie Freed's Conquering the Antichrist spirit. This is just my notes, you definitely need to purchase the book to glean everything.

Chapter 4
We each have a calling, anointing, a destiny that is set apart and consecrated unto Him. It is our destiny to become overshadowed by Him to conceive the holy thing for which He has destined us

Conceived in our minds until we can close our eyes and remember what we saw. Each of us has a womb, a potential to receive seed from God. We have to see ourselves as He sees us. This will empower us to cycle out of wilderness. We must see with the eyes of God and then conceive it. Confessing the Word isn’t enough, we have to believe in our hearts that God’s word is true. When we come into agreement with the new season, God hits the fast forward button.

If satan can seduce us, wear us down and move in for the kill, then he also can destroy the seed in us that we are destined to birth. All he needs is an entrance, an open door and he brutally lunges toward us to destroy us. We must destroy the seed of satan who has targeted us with demonic birth assignments to abort our destiny. The devil doesn’t want us to see ourselves as God sees us. We have to remain focused on Christ and our destiny in Him and not give any place to the enemy. We must allow Him to overshadow us in order to defeat the spirit of antichrist so we can birth the things of God.

We will shift into the new season by remembering. If we remember God’s promises satan has no access to our times and seasons, and our future can be conceived and birthed.

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