Thursday, May 26, 2011

Destiny Thieves Chapter 2

I continue to share my brief notes on Sandie Freed's book, Destiny Thieves. Her books are instrumental for anyone who is a prayer warrior. I encourage you to buy this book!

Chapter 2
Steps to overcome perilous times and attacks
1.      Pray
2.      Put on full armor of God and take a firm combat position in spiritual warfare
3.      Activate gift of spiritual discernment
4.      Use keys of Kingdom, loosen all power of enemy and bind perfect will of God
5.      Be on guard and spiritually alert at all times
6.      Become more committed to serve God
7.      Remain accountable to authority
8.      Don’t compromise

During perilous times a spirit of false prophecy will arise.

In local church satan can enthrone himself through strife, complaining, division, gossip and murmuring. Unless repentance takes place we’re deceived and it aborts our destinies.

Satanic territorial assignments are strategic in attempts to influence and seduce large amounts of people.

Strongholds are well fortified places in our mnds that satan has influenced.
Idolatry is choosing to believe satan’s lies over God’s word.

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