Monday, May 30, 2011

Destiny Thieves Chapter 4

I continue sharing my brief notes on Sandie Freed's Destiny Thieves. She is an author I believe is essential to read if intercessory prayer is a call on your life. My notes are just that, buying her book is a must!

Chapter 4
Scripturally rising of bread brings desired multiplication. If it is leaven or yeast of sin that is undesired multiplication.

Ways yeast multiplies
.1. Negative reports (the spies from Numbers 13:30).  Choosing not to believe God has consequences. Negativity can split a congregation, discourage leaders, cause strife and division and steal vision.
1.      Idle words. Matthew 12:35. Idle words means we aren’t watching over our words. The enemy then can twist and multiply them into negativity. Joshua took 12 silent trips around city to rid of negativity and only on 13th could shout of victory be released
2.      Having a better idea than God’s. Saul spared Agag, king of Amalekites, completely disobeying God.

3.      Playing blame game.. 1 Samuel 15:15. Problems only multiply when we deny our sin.
What is not destroyed rises up to destroy us. If leaven isn’t utterly destroyed, it rises up and makes a lump. We must allow God to lay His axe to our unholy root systems. We must embrace fire of His purity or our sin will rise up and destroy us.

Saul compromised and made an unholy alliance with the king of the Amalekites. It aborted his destiny. Choices determine destiny. Ask the Lord if you have made any wrong choices and if so, repent. Ask Him to reveal any leaven and repent for ungodly multiplication.

No Leaven=Open Heaven

Never compromise
Open your heart to receive all truth at all times
Leave denial at the Jordan
Every battle should be devoted to the Lord
Accept responsibility for your sins and repent
Vow that you will utterly destroy all and keep your vows
Each time of breakthrough give glory to God
Negativity breeds more negativity

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