Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Destiny Thieves Chapter One

I don't wear a cape or wear a costume but one of the calls on my life is to be an intercessor. Over the years Jesus has trained and prepared me not that I'm perfect, but that when I pray in Jesus' name, I believe. With prayer times that heavy I know those prayers are contending with things I can't see or often don't understand. I want to be as armed as possible so I read up as much as I can and share what I learn with other prayer warriors.

One of the most consistent resources is Sandie Freed. Her books are thorough and filled with Scripture to back up the information. My plan is to take the summer and share the brief notes I took from reading her books. They are by no means comprehensive so do yourself a favor if you share the same call on your life and get these books.

First up, Destiny Thieves. Click here to purchase.

Chapter 1
Possession is a three step process.
1.      Make a firm decision to move forward
2.      Set one’s face like flint toward destiny
3.      Walking in the empowerment of His grace to move forward and possess one’s mountain of inheritance.

Amalekites are a tribe that robs destiny and must be driven out in order to possess promise.

The process of stealing leaders:
1.      Seduce them into believing they don’t fit. This leaves them alone, unprotected and vulnerable.

Jezebel-A seducing spirit, a painted lady. Also worked in unity with the sons of Belial, falsely accusing Naboth, stealing and murdering. 1 Kings 21.

Another plan is to seduce followers so there is no one holding up arms as Aaron and Hur did for Moses against Amalekites. Then senior pastors are weary and give up.

Once sheep are wounded and inactive , Jezebel hits target. Stronghold moves into congregation to control atmosphere through intercession, worship and prophetic  ministry.  Discredit with false accusations to undermine authority.

Only way to overcome the spirit of Jezebel is by proclaiming the blood of Jesus and victory of the blood using our testimony against it.

Ministries with mandate to fulfill Ephesians 4:11 to train and equip saints will face an evil assignment of destruction.  We must draw blood like and declare enemy can’t step through boundary of the blood of Jesus.

Sandie often brings in a red ribbon and ties to hospital beds as a sign of the bloodline being drawn in spirit realm, pray blood of Jesus, draw bloodline and command satan and spirits of death to leave premises.

We must proclaim testimony for victory.

Julie's note: I pray as you read these notes and get these books you not react in fear but be proactive in resolve. If Christ is your Savior you have the authority In His Name. Don't let what you read scare you, but empower you. The enemy is already defeated, don't ever forget that!

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