Friday, July 11, 2008

Waist Deep With Kim

Today I am standing waist deep in my faith like a child standing in the ocean looking straight ahead. I have reached a point where I refuse to look back at the shore and I am only anticipating the beauty ahead. I have to believe, there is no other choice, no other option.

It has taken me awhile to arrive here. At times I started wading in only to run for the shore when the first wave hit. Other times I refused to step in at all and stood on the shore watching others wade in. But today is different. Today I am standing in my faith and I am choosing to keep walking in until it is time to swim.

How did I arrive here? As I posted several weeks ago, through prayer and prophecy, the Lord was calling me into a more intimate relationship with Him. At the time I was struggling because I had no idea how to get there. It was as though I had a destination but no map or direction of which way to go. So this past month I pressed in and spent lots of time alone with Him. I read, prayed, fasted, and just chatted with Him. I questioned, pondered, and really allowed Him to go deep into my heart and bring closure to several 'open areas' in my life. At times I felt scared, frustrated, and lonely - uncertain about what was going on and fearful that I would remain in such a 'separate' place, not separate from Him but from others. Then some amazing things began to happen. My husband and I both had vivid dreams which brought hope and revelation, confirmation came forth on decisions we had been contemplating, and the Lord began to reveal the plans He has for our lives. It was as though He and I, working together, needed to remove the 'pain' and 'junk' in my heart before we could move forward. And ultimately I needed to say, "Yes I trust you!"

Kim is a woman who loves the Lord and has a burden for the abandoned, the orphaned, and the forgotten. She has been called to minister to the people and children of Romania and will be traveling internationally in the days ahead. At home she cares for her three children and her husband John. She also loves prophetic worship and writing for the Lord. Her work can also be found at Take Root and Write where she wrties with fellow Narrow Gate Girls Julie Arduini & Maria Spencer, among other Christian writers. Kim also maintains her blog

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