Thursday, July 10, 2008

He Calls Me Darling

As I've shared before, I struggle with feeling beautiful and being amazing in His eyes. The book Captivating really changed my heart for the better, but I trip up. A lot.

Yesterday I was reading a book on freedom and the truths were swirling around my mind. Attached to our bed headboard is a huge mirror. The mirror seemed to negate everything I was reading. The apple shape body I feel so cursed with these days. The blah hair that needs cut. Chubby cheeks. Unflattering clothes.

Then I heard this:

"You look beautiful, my darling."

It wasn't outloud, but resounding just the same. I sat up, looked in the mirror and whispered, "Would the Lord truly call me darling?"

I didn't say the next part out loud, but I thought it. I thought IF God truly thinks of me as His darling, He'll confirm it somehow.

Fast forward a couple hours. I hear from Maria. I tease her about her post for here and this was her reply:

I'm writing my gate entry right now, darling!!!!!!:)

God is good. And He calls me darling.

What's His pet name for you?

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