Friday, July 4, 2008

Ready To Fly

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Please forgive my absence once again. Due to my busy schedule, I have closed the door to my part of the gate, and I am happy to be back inside…

God has truly been working in me lately.
I have had a prophecy spoken over me that relates my life to that of a butterfly.
It is time for me to get uncomfortable in the cocoon that I’ve been living in, and get ready to fly.

It’s a supernatural metamorphosis.
I have been learning many things about my passions of writing and worshipping.

The cocoon is getting uncomfortable and warm.
The temperature has gone sauna-like at times, but I must focus on the wings that He is developing for me---but not too much.

I have been anticipating the size and color my wings will be so much that at times I have lost focus of Him, and what He wants.
I know I must be in this place for a certain amount of time—His time---in order for my wings to be exactly the way He wants them.

He just wants to teach me and mold me; even if the colors aren’t as bright as I imagined, and even if my time in this cocoon is longer than I want it to be.

And in the meantime, He just wants me to be free to worship Him, exactly the way He made me to worship.

So I will.

Whether it is here spilling out His words at my computer--or
Singing at my keyboard or in my car,
Or on a church altar.

I will worship Him.

What does your cocoon feel like today?

Is it comfortable and cozy?

Or has the heat been getting to you?

I am ready to fly.

Are you?
Maria and her family reside in NE Ohio. She and her husband are the parents of two. Their daughter is a person with hemipelegic cerebral palsy.
Because of her experiences, Maria provides parent-to-parent support for families involved in her local early intervention program. Her gift for writing has come directly from the Lord since her daughter’s diagnosis.
She writes a monthly column entitled, “Special Parents, Special Kids” for the Mahoning Valley Parent magazine in Ohio; and has expanded into Parent magazines in parts of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
She is also a contributing author at Maria's first published work is in Jan Ross and Jeanice McDade's Women of Passion's anthology, "Ordinary Women Serving an Extraordinary God". The book is available for purchase by clicking on the book image on the right side of this blog.
Maria is very passionate about getting the word out to special parents that they are not alone in their journey of raising their special child; and that they were chosen by God to parent their children. Maria welcomes comments and communication as well as invitations for her to speak to your group.

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