Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Non Essentials

Awhile back I heard a radio program that discussed Christian faith. There were two camps of each Christian topic. There is the essentials and the non essentials.

In my opinion, we Christians sure waste a lot of our time on the non essentials.

Although I believe from that Moody radio program I believe there was a book tied in to the subject, but these are my opinions.

Essential---Personal faith in Jesus Christ. The Bible is the Inspired Word of God.

Non essential----the rest.

What rest?

The chit chat during worship.

"He should have a suit jacket on. It's the altar area for heaven's sake."

"Do you see that girl? No one should wear a top like that for church."

"Tattoo? What good Christian covers themselves with tattoos?"

"That song? How can the Holy Spirit move with a rock and roll song like that?"

"That song? How can I worship God with a slow boring old one like that?"

"Did you see he came alone? I knew their marriage was having problems."

"We're having a real service. Not like that church down the street."

Although I'm paraphrasing, I have to tell you I do hear a lot of chit chat during worship by people decades older than me. I don't mean to stereotype but I hear a lot more complaining during a church service and after by those older, rather than the teens who so often get a bad reputation.

I'm not perfect, I fall prey to obsessing on mole hill issues that bit by bit tear down the beams called the Church. But as I hunger and thirst for more things of God I'm tired of the non essentials dividing the church.

If a teen comes to church wearing shorts, I personally wouldn't care if they came or served publically somehow. Maybe they can't afford what we deem appropriate. Maybe they don't know there is a non verbal dress code. Perhaps they are so wrapped up in getting to church to join others in a total sell out to giving to God. Maybe we should too.

Ditto for why don't they stand, raise their hands, shout Hallelujhah, speak with words we don't understand, don't speak words we don't understand, laugh, etc...

I love when the sound system works. I love uplifting music. I love the hymns. I love powerful sermons that rev me up, but I love the quiet messages that transform my soul. I love how God moves. It's essential.

Our commentary? Non essential.

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