Friday, January 16, 2009

More On 'Focus'

I had a few thoughts about what I was going to write about and then I opened the blog and saw the word Julie wrote, "Focus." This came as a surprise to my flesh but not my spirit. This has been the word the Lord has been speaking to me as well. It has not been a booming voice from above but a feeling inside, in my spirit ,that it was time to slow down and truly focus on what the Lord has given me and what I am 'responsible for.' These feelings and thoughts have been coming the past few months during worship, while in prayer, and through words and interactions with others. Focus.

Focus on my walk with the Lord. Really focus. Where am I spending my time? Stop running around chasing Him. He is right there just open the door.

Focus on the word, the bible. I love what one friend and mentor always says when asking her a question, "What does the word say?" Not what does my girlfriend say, what does the conference speaker say, what do I say but what does the word say? So simple but so easy to overlook.

Focus on what He has given me . . . a loving husband and beautiful children. Focus on them, they are a gift from above.

Focus on Jesus. His life, His walk. He is the example of how we are to live. Study His life, live like Him. And most of all love. Love, love, love.


And finally focus on taking the next step. (This one has been big for me because I am always looking way ahead, planning and thinking about the future.) My husband keeps telling me, "Just focus on the next step." Focus and take the next step He has placed before me. With Him, not on my own.


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Today's Christian Mom~ said...

I too am always trying to look ahead. Julie asked me to come read the Focus blogs after she read my blog on Focus. I have been hearing this word EVERYWHERE almost every day! I loved your sentence "What does the word say not what does the speaker or my friend say?" I need to get there too.