Friday, January 23, 2009

Calling All Worshippers


Once again I am going to follow Julie's lead with the theme this week. Worship . . . the word alone gives me goose bumps. I too am a worshipper.

When I first began walking in my faith I thought everyone should be jumping around and worshipping like I do, at the altar, hands up, singing and praising. After all, we serve a mighty God, how could people just sit in their seats? Well, my thoughts have certainly changed since then, and yes once in awhile you can still find me dancing at the altar, but most often I can be found with my hands in the air at my seat or sitting quietly holding my son, all while worshipping the glory of our God.

Worship . . . we all worship in our own way. One friend worships on Sunday through the beauty of 'the mass,' another through the lens of her camera, another while holding babies in the nursery, another while sitting quietly with his hands folded and head bowed. Everyday we have the opportunity to worship Him through our words, our actions, and the choices we make.
Worship. How do you worship? Not just on Sundays but each day.

Worship Him. He is worthy of our praise.



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