Friday, October 3, 2008

One Week Away


My trip to Romania is one week away and honestly I already feel 'raw.'

The past few weeks the Lord has been raising my awareness of my own surroundings, the blessings that we have, and the many, many luxuries of living in a 'free' country. At a time when the economy is struggling, gas prices are high, and every penny counts all I keep thinking about are the thousands of children who go to bed every night sad, lonely, cold, hungry, and unloved.

I travel in a week, return home in 2 1/2, and already I am wondering how I am going to transition back home.

So tonight I sit and wonder how this is all going to be walked out. For me I do not want this to just be an annual trip like a week long summer vacation that one looks forward to all year but rather another step into the purpose He designed me for. If only He would give me a peek:)

Keep me in your prayers, Kim

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