Thursday, October 16, 2008

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

As the prayer team prayed over Wendy, Kim and Barb, they linked hands and looked just like a scene from Wizard of Oz. When we prayed we felt such a strong sense of purpose for them, that the trip would be about love. Giving love, receiving love, being love, pointing them to Love through Jesus Christ.

Prayers continued and they further related to the movie. Beyond love they felt courage and wisdom take root. Their trip is winding down. They have taught children songs, led crafts. They are visiting families and giving love through tangible helps.

There have been flying monkey episodes where the darkness choked them. They kept linking together in Him, moving forward. The road doesn't look yellow or golden--not now. But through their obedience we are believing seeds are planted that are going to yield an amazing harvest.

Keep praying!

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