Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Father Loves

I was at a ministry meeting when a neat question was asked in the spirit of the movie, Chariots of Fire.

"When I ________, I feel God's pleasure." In the movie, the answer was run.

To hear from Kim, Barb and Wendy in Romania and know there is a team of people covering them in prayer, it's amazing and exciting. They are overwhelmed in a neat way (children flocking to them wanting candy and pictures taken, singing King of Kings together) and in a hard way (the poverty, the oppressive spirit in the air, vehicle issues). My guess is it will be the most rewarding yet hardest thing they have done.

I have never been on a missions trip but when I received the invitation and prayed, I knew God was asking me to be the "homeland intercessor." God assembled a team of ladies with a passion for God and a heart for Romania. The homeland team is receiving from the Holy Spirit different songs and verses to stand on in prayer. The ladies out there in the field are teaching VBS and modeling the theme, "A Father's Love."

The Father loves when we obey. I have a feeling all of heaven is rejoicing for the seeds being planted in Oradea and Gepish. Darkness is fleeting, light is on the horizon.

Please keep Kim, Barb, Wendy, Alina, the children, teens and families of Oradea, Romania in prayer.

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