Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Vote Mercy

Praise the Lord, Kim is back! It was thrilling to receive their updates, it was so obvious God was mightily moving in Romania. I can't wait to hear more specifically what He has done, is doing, and what He will do in the future!

I'm going to give you this link not because I follow a person as a Savior (in this case, Julie Meyer). I follow Jesus Christ as Savior. I know that there are Christian folks who have come out and said God said this one about the election, or He wants that one to win....I know that can get very controversial.

I'm sharing this message for two reasons. 1. I'm living in Ohio and I am in complete agreement with that she shares about how important Ohio will be in the election. I am up nights just praying the nation would repent, seek Him in all things, and that Ohio would be especially wise in using their vote as Godly stewards. This is not the first word I have heard regarding Ohio, and I am taking it seriously.

2. I pray mercy. Years ago I was bold (and immature enough) to declare who everyone should vote for and that some candidates were so bad they were the antichrist (I've read enough to know now this person is going to have specific roots that so far, our candidates have not nor do not have so I had no right to go there!) God has put on my heart to pray unity. To seek His will, to encourage others to vote as HE leads them, not as I lead them. I know my voting runs red for the most part and there are going to be folks that are going to pray and perhaps vote blue. I just want us to be prayerful and in her message, I just don't see how praying mercy could ever be wrong. As a nation we have been corrupt, selfish and downright sinful yet God is in the redeeming business. He loves us. We need to be on our faces confessing our sins and asking Him to turn this nation around by grace and mercy.

Watch Now here! Click on YouTube video on home page.

Again, this video might not be your cup of tea and I understand. I'm just asking you pray mercy and if it's on your heart, that the people of Ohio would seek God's heart before, during and after election day. Thanks!

By the way, during the month of November I am participating in the NaBloPoMo challenge at the Surrendered Scribe. Last year I blogged every day on thankfulness and it was life changing. This year I'll be posting YOUR thoughts on thankfulness. I have slots open, first come, first served. Write a sentence, a story, whatever length you would like, as long as it is about thankfulness and is family friendly. Send your submission along with a bio and optional picture to jarduini@faithwriters.net. I'd like to get in as many before November so I can post ahead. I'm anticipating surgery next month and want to be all set with thanks! I look forward to YOUR submission! You do not need to know me or have a blog to submit.

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