Thursday, June 19, 2008

Those Broken Places

In my last post,, I wrote that "my" words were what God wanted to use, and that by being obedient with them, I'd see people find His words and me beautiful, no matter what my pant size is that day. This truth is a daily struggle for me, but I felt like today I'm meant to share what my words were during my time in Upstate NY.

Scholarship presentation given to a young man who lost his dad last year: This boy didn't just finish school, he won awards and is scheduled to start college this fall. His obedience honors his dad, and when he voiced the "hope" of finishing school and doing well, God's loving boldness interjected. I encouraged him that he will do fine and we all look forward to hearing about his progress. I love, love, love when God gives me a message of hope to share.

The Father's Day prayer: At the church we used to attend before moving I was back with the kids. We shared communion and then the pastor asked if there was a woman, maybe a woman with a son who could pray over dads in the congregation. I call it the burn in my belly but when the Holy Spirit has something for me, the words are there and I can't rest until I get them out. Since my husband wasn't with us, I went forward with the kids and God encouraged the men with His love for them. The exhortation that they would seek Him first. That their wives and children would believe in their men and show them with affirmation. That men would trust God to provide for them, and that the burden would not be for the men, but for their big God. Thanking God for these leaders with so much worldly responsibility to be still and know He is God, an abundant God that wants to shower blessings on them.

The Broken Places Testimony: After the prayer the pastor asked that we remain up there to give an update. I thought I was going to say well this is our son, his age, etc...but God stopped me and switched it up. I started by saying for those of you that are new, when we left here four years ago, we were broken. I re iterated each broken place: a chronically ill baby, financial distress, job change, single parenthood for a season with a new job in another state, death of parent, grief of family, selling a home, buying a home in another state. Those that were there remember, but in those years they missed what God blessed us with our obedience. I also was aware that some families since our move went through similar stressful situations and I know from experience you reel from the emotions. Trusting God is not easy. I let them know that those things were never a cruel joke, never torture from a Father God that crosses His arms, but opens them. I am better for those things that nearly sank me. It was a refining season that gave me a ministry to encourage others today with speaking and the written word. Whatever God does for them through change and stress, it is never without purpose. I explained maybe you won't be called 300 miles away like we were, but God will ask you to obey and it's worth it. I call those seasons those broken places.

What was neat was after the presentation and the testimony, people stopped to share how those words affected them. For each person that shared with me, God used that time just for them. One person shared how since our move God called him to Africa and I could tell, this is a changed man. He said he was afraid but did it, and was so glad he did. Another family was besieged with health issues that were very close to home for me. I remember when it was me recalling each moment with tears and torment, thankful for a mostly happy ending but scared to death to exhale from the ride.

Like I said in my last post, not one person said wow, looking chubby today. In fact, I heard the opposite. Folks shared how great we all looked and were very specific on physical aspects on me (hair). But there was one that saw past the outside and noted what a transformation he saw in my public speaking.

I've been a public speaker. But on this trip, it was more than that. They were opportunities to show off God's broken places transformed into a beautiful, cracked vase called my life in His hands and it's ok to hand those pieces off to Him.

Is there anything in these words that is God's love message for you today?

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