Tuesday, June 10, 2008

But So Does Righteousness

For years I have wanted a water fountain of sorts. I've seen them all---the garden variety with barrels of water flowing from one to another. The inside kind with faux waterfalls, the indoor outdoor design where one cup tips water to another. I wished for one, only to be told it would probably not happen. Why? Apparently males and running water gives them the instinct to run for the bathroom. I gave up the dream.

My mom was in town and I saw one for under $20. She insisted on buying one, even with her grandson explaining the consequences. After one run to the bathroom he announced himself cured, so I was even more excited to possess this gift.

A few days later I realized this was more than a gift, it was a message played out. Last month I received a precious word from God about the last few years. The picture He gave is of the water parks where the water fills and fills and then the bucket dumps. He explained that this is how sin works. When there is sin, it runs off and affects everyone.

But so does righteousness.

The last few years have been plagued by health issues, financial surprises (not the fun kind) and battles that I questioned if I could survive to see the end of them. I can't even tell you how many nights I cried asking for a revelation, a why, or something to encourage me in that season.

That day, He showed me that these past years have been like those buckets of water, except mine was preparing me. Instead of water, I was to imagine molasses or something sweet filling up. For what I learn and pass on from that time, spreads. It's His righteousness that will affect others. The encouragement for me was not just that, not just that the molasses is a sweet picture, but it's a slow pour. These last years were easier to reflect on with that vision.

Having this gift gives me constant reminders that every frustration, set back, delay, trial, sickness, loss and whatever else we've dealt with as a family really works for good. His good. I can literally watch my cup runneth over. As that water flows I know every second of my tears will spill over and help someone else. His kingdom will benefit.

What hard time are you going through? Perhaps you are on the receiving end of someone else's sin. Turn that water into molasses in your mind. Let YOUR cup run over with righteousness, forgiveness, mercy and love.

And flow in that peace that comes from an indoor water fountain.
Julie Arduini is a surrendered writer with her own blog, http://thesurrenderedscribe.blogspot.com/. A graduate of the Christian Writers Guild, she blogs for the Christian Writers Forum Sundays as the mommy blogger. She is active with FaithWriters and has several writings ready to publish in different books and anthologies in 2008-09. Starting summer 2008, Julie will be a monthly columnist on surrender over at http://www.takerootandwrite.com/.
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