Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Always A Good Thing when It's a God Thing

This is the second time in recent weeks where we have blogged without the other Narrow Gate Invite Girls knowing what we'd blog about. Did anyone else notice last week that Kim's post and mine were similar? The week before all three of us wrote on unbelief? God is good.

I promised after sharing my frustration of sickness and discouragement after surrendering that I would update you on what it is that might possibly, no wait, definitely has the defeated one shaking. Again, not because I'm all that, but the One I serve is and I'm ready to be a vessel for Him to use.

Noelle Mena contacted me through http://www.godlinked.com/ and invited me to check out her site. Take Root and Write is all about encouraging women. Noelle's vision is to gather a Christian team of women writers who come together and share insights, thoughts, and encouragement through categories and columns. Noelle has the huge task of keeping all the writers on the "same page" and I'm certain she is up to the task. How do I know? I believe God is ordering her steps as much as the writers.

I prayed about what I should do and what I find funny is for someone with a heart for surrender, for someone with a blog called http://www.thesurrenderedscribe.blogspot.com/, I really sought God for days on what topic would He like me to share.

He came back loud and clear.


An open house is coming soon and I strongly encourage you to check it out. I know there are going to be multiple writers with various columns and topics. A dear reader friend here, Jennifer@Zephaniah Way, wrote here in a post called, "Huh?" http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/Zephaniahway/#c932849 about her topic. I love it. I don't think any of us can put a number to the faces of women who are married but either between military assignments or career choice (Jennifer's husband has a career where he is gone more than home), they are more like single moms. It is a lonely, hard job with very little thanks.

I think agreeing to be part of this ministry is partly why I immediately got sick with the very same affliction when I started writing for Him in the first place. This summer I'll be part of a team effort that I believe will challenge me in every possible way but the overall theme is pointing people to a surrendered life. God has such a plan, such a love for us, and we've lived in darkness and pain for far too long. Ministries like these are going to be like keys to set us all free. I know from both Kim and Maria that plans in their horizon are just as kingdom minded and with an endless harvest.

Is God calling you to step out? Is there something stirring in your heart that you wonder, is this for me? Pray, seek and expect God to answer. Just know when He does, you won't be the same.

It's a good thing.

Even on those sick days where you want to wave a white flag of surrender.

It's always a good thing when it's a God thing.

Surrender today, the Narrow Gate Girls are right with you!

Julie Arduini is a surrendered writer with her own blog, http://thesurrenderedscribe.blogspot.com/. A graduate of the Christian Writers Guild, she blogs for the Christian Writers Forum Sundays as the mommy blogger. She is active with FaithWriters and has several writings ready to publish in different books and anthologies in 2008-09.
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