Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Head Start On Surrender

All day I had in my head the many things I felt I was to blog about, and then I got "the call". It changed the order of the day, my emotions, and we're working on finding our balance as we still stand on the rock of Christ who remains solid ground.

I titled the below Head Start on Surrender because there will be an Open House July 7 at I will have a monthly column the third Wednesday of the month about finding freedom and victory through surrender. As always, the writer learns right with the readers.

Thanks for reading the link below.

Julie Arduini is a surrendered writer with her own blog, A graduate of the Christian Writers Guild, she blogs for the Christian Writers Forum Sundays as the mommy blogger. She is active with FaithWriters and has several writings ready to publish in different books and anthologies in 2008-09.

Starting summer 2008, Julie will be a columnist the third Wednesday of each month on finding freedom and victory through surrender over at

To get to know her better, read her interview by Lynda Schab at:
To contact Julie, please use the e mail provided in our profile.

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