Thursday, June 5, 2008

Party Time

I'm having a party tonight and no one has showed up except me. Even my husband who tried to give me words of encouragement declined my invitation by saying, "You need to snap out of this!" and went up to bed. My party is a pity party . . . all about me, me, me.

I know I should be diving into the Word, on my knees in prayer, or listening to music and worshipping right now but all I really want to do is cry and so I am. It has been a long couple of weeks, okay, it has been a long year and I just feel like crying.

This past year began with the pruning process, followed by a 'time in the desert,' then a time of renewal and growth. It has been a year filled with discomfort, change, uncertainty, and a true test of patience. There are moments, like these, when I feel like I can barely hang on one more day and then I think of Job.

Job. How did he do it? Everything He loved was taken from Him and yet he continued to worship the Lord. The past few weeks I feel like I am being attacked from all sides and all I want to cry out is, "God show me that you are real!" And then I think of Job. If Job can do it so can I! I don't remember reading anything about Job's late night pity party either:)
Job . . . wow, what a guy!

Well after typing Job's name so many times I think it is time I bring my party to a close. He has humbled me once again. Just a few tissues to clean up and then up to bed.

Goodnight, Kim

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The Surrendered Scribe said...

Amazing, amazing post Kim. I can relate way too well. I've been throwing a festival as my party has been going on for far too long! Just when I think "this" is my favorite post from you, you write another gem. Love it.