Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kim on the Narrow Gate

A narrow gate . . . what comes to mind? A tall picket fence with a small latched opening, an old europeon style stone wall with ivy growing over the sides and an opening with an old, iron gate that creaks when you open it, or maybe an opening amidst some caves and rocks that is so narrow you have to turn sideways to travel through. How do you feel when you come to it? Are you nervous, uncertain, anxious, excited? Do you peek through first? Do you hold your breath when you pass through? Eyes open or tightly shut? Do you say a prayer before you go? Do you slowly make your way through or do you run through full speed ahead?

Narrow gates, wide openings, life's choices, they are all around us. As children and teenagers we often had to choose walking through the gate of doing what we knew was right or what 'everyone else' was doing. Do we stick up and befriend the child being picked on or do we join in? Do we stop the fight in the hallway or do we stand and watch? Do we say no to the drink, the drug, or sex or does our flesh give in? As children the decisions seemed so big, as adults how do they look now?

Our choices and decisions as we get older continue to be challenging. Do we study and pursue a career that is true to our heart or one that others talked us into and looks appealing on the outside? Do we wait and marry for love or do we settle for another because we are afraid to be alone? Do we take a more challenging position in the work place that requires us to move and feels right or do we stay where it is comfortable and familiar? Do we leave our 'family's' church and traditions to pursue another or do we stay to keep the peace? Do we adopt an orphan or foster a child or are we too busy and 'happy' with what we have to say yes? Do we stay on the wide, smooth path or do we open the narrow gate? After all, it may creak!

The narrow gate can be scary and feel isolating. You may feel like closing your eyes, holding your breath, and running through. But have you ever passed through and experienced what is on the other side? Inner peace, joy, a sense of accomplishment, and passion to continue traveling on often awaits. Yes the path may get rocky, steep, and cumbersome at times; however, you will find others like you. You may need to call their name, reach for their hand, or sit and have lunch on a grassy spot together. You may even find a coffee shop along the way. And most importantly, there is one who will remain with you always, his name is Jesus. He will guide you, lead you, love you, and if He is calling you through a narrow gate He has already equipped you to pass through.

We invite you in. Come through the narrow gate with us and see what is on the other side!

Kim lives in NE Ohio with her husband and three children. Kim has a heart for missions and a burden to make a difference for Christ for those the world abuses, forgets, ignores or abandons. She has traveled internationally to pursue that call on her life. She also has a heart for adoption. Kim just created a new personal blog of her own at If you'd like to contact Kim please leave a comment.

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