Friday, March 21, 2008

Him or Me?


The lights were dimmed, 'smog' filled the air, a spotlight was turned on, and the voice of John the beloved began to share his story. He was telling of our Savior, Jesus, and I was on the edge of my seat!

Tonight I experienced the sights, sounds, words, and emotions of my first 'Passion Play.' The greatest miracle of all time, 'the Word became flesh,' came to life before my eyes.

The play began with the Christmas story, one of beauty, hope, and peace. Mary and Joseph, the stable, the star, and a baby lying in a manger. The baby began to grow and soon He became a man. A common looking man, dressed in a cream colored robe, walking among the village people in his bare feet. He spoke of love and kindness as he laughed, hugged, and healed those who followed him. His friends were 'common' men and women living ordinary lives. They were fishing in the sea, collecting taxes, gathering water at the well, . . . The son of God, our Messiah, was living among them, teaching them, loving them. I kept thinking to myself, "Look at him! He could have come as a wealthy, worldly king but instead our King was walking among the people in his bare feet! I soon began to wonder how I would have thought and acted two thousand years ago. Would I have taken the time to make my way through the crowd to see who Jesus was or would I have been too busy? Would I have questioned like the high priests with words such as, "Why is He with them, I'm the one who goes to church every week and reads my bible?" Or would I have sat at His feet and listened to what He came to say? And when He was physically gone would I have kept His message to myself or shared it with others?

Two thousand and eight or two thousand years ago, the choices are the same. Am I taking the time to sit at His feet and listen or am I too busy? Am I truly in relationship with Him or am I just going through the motions? And while I am waiting for His return am I doing as He commanded or am I keeping the good news all to myself?

The passion play has left me with so much to think about!

Happy Easter!

Kim Zaksek lives in NE Ohio with her husband and three children. Kim has a heart for missions and a burden to make a difference for Christ for those the world abuses, forgets, ignores or abandons. She has traveled internationally to pursue that call on her life. She also has a heart for adoption. Kim just created a new personal blog of her own at If you'd like to contact Kim please find our e-mail in the profile. Thanks!

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