Friday, March 28, 2008

Do You Have A Strong Will?

Our small group meets at my house on Wednesday nights. We are a group of 'newer' believers who are hungry for God. Our facilitator, Cindy, has been a Christian for many, many years and every week we challenge her with lots of questions. This week we started discussing 'The Will of God.'

When thinking about the will of God for my life I often imagined a narrow path. It was one that I was to carefully walk on and if I stepped off I would fall into this dark abyss like an old sci-fi movie. I often walked in fear and found myself almost paralized when making decisions concerning the direction I was to take. Well last night my whole 'sci-fi' vision of the will of God was rocked and I am so thankful!

We discussed the law of God and the will of God. The law of God is what God demands of us. It is the law, we have no choice. Hmmm . . . no choice. Our human flesh may not like these words. We like to be in control, to have choice, we do not want anyone telling us how to live our lives! But think about it. God has laws just like our communities and our homes. We all have rules to follow so that everyone stays safe and can live in harmony. God wants us to live in peace and harmony too. The will of God is different. It is what God wants for my life, it is His preference, and within that there is choice. Our pastor says, "It is God's desire revealed." Wow, those are some big words to take in. His desire revealed. He has a desire, a preference of how I live and walk out my life. My first reaction is to run and hide like Adam and Eve in the garden. Are you kidding me? I could never live up to His desire for my life! But when I stop for a moment I am reminded that He created me, He equipped me, He placed gifts and talents inside me, He gave me my heart filled with passion for His kingdom, and He promises to lead me, guide me, and walk with me. So what am I so afraid of? It is really not that difficult. His will, two words, when put together are amazing!

His will for our lives is not as difficult as we make it or hard to find. It is not a narrow path or a detailed blueprint that is too hard for us to follow. For me it is looking within my heart and His, listening for His voice, and walking the walk He has called me to walk. He has a strong will for my life and He has one for yours too.

Be blessed! Kim

(I want to thank my pastor and shepherd for his words, guidance, and direction with today's post. You are a blessing!)

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