Friday, April 11, 2008

With Love . . . God


The past few weeks I have been reading a book that I absolutely love and don't want to end! The title is Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren.

In the book Kay describes dangerous surrender like this (pp.23-24):
Surrendering means that we have come to an end of our independence from him, our reliance on self-sufficiency, and our insistence that we don't need him. Surrender to God changes everything. Why add the word dangerous to surrender? Because we don't surrender to a benevolent but impotent grandfather figure; we surrender to Almighty God-the Creator and Sustainer of the universe.
Each chapter is just raw and loaded with thought provoking insight. It has left me both wrecked and ruined, and as Kay writes, "gloriously ruined." As the book comes to a close I have been struggling with how to 'walk out' what I have read, to 'see' what dangerous surrender looks like until a present arrived on my doorstep with a tag that read, "With Love, God."

Last weekend my husband and I picked up a friend to go to a wedding. When we arrived at her home one of children answered the door with his bright smile. Within a few minutes she hurried into the car and we were on our way. In the car she shared that another foster child had arrived this week, one hour before her small church group was to arrive at her home for their weekly study. (So now they have nine children with a wide range of special needs that they are loving and caring for.) Her words were this, "I said okay Lord!" And then she calmy said, "I told myself I was not going to lose the affections of the Lord." I thought to myself, "Did she just say what I think she said? I think I need to pinch her and see if she is for real." The beauty of it, she truly is!

After the wedding we went to her house to visit and when we arrived one of her best friends was putting together a crib because they needed another place for a child to sleep. Nine children in a small home filled with love and the joy of the Lord! (They have already fostered over 65 children.) We spent the evening visiting, each of us with a small child on our lap while the older children slept. When I went to bed that night I laid there thinking about our evening and the incredible couple the Lord has placed in my life. As tears streamed down my cheeks I felt as though God had handed me a gift with a tag that said, "With Love, God" and inside was a picture of my friends and the title underneath was "Dangerous Surrender."

For Him, Kim

(Kay's book can be found at the local library, on-line, or at your local bookstore. Join me each week at where I am journaling my thoughts one chapter at a time. Enjoy!)

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