Thursday, April 24, 2008

Switching It Up

As we stated when this blog began, our heart is to share Christ's love for you but there are days when life gets in the way. All of us have young children and this was my turn to take one to the ER and then a specialist. The praise is all worked out and no further treatment is necessary, but my eyes are closing as I type. I'm beat. I'd rather give you something quality from the Lord than be legalistic because I typically blog Thursdays.

So....I'll be back Monday. If you've ever watched a TV channel (NBC and Disney come to mind) when they take one night and somehow connect all the shows together, that's kind of what I'm thinking will happen Monday. Over at on Mondays I blog about the book by Joy Chickonoski called "Becoming Lovers, The Journey from Disciple of Christ to Bride of Christ." Well Monday's post is going to be a little heavier than what that blog is used to with some terms that might not seem as mainstream in Christian faith as some are familiar with.

I thought I'd tie it all together the best I can with His leading and blog here explaining the terms in ways I wish I had been told to hopefully help anyone who has their own perspective on those words. That way, if anyone is over at the Surrendered Scribe and seeing words that make them go woah, I'm not so sure about this, I'm praying Monday's blog post here will help.

I hope this makes sense. Call it procastination, call it wisdom, I'm calling it quits for the night and going to bed. Thanks for stopping by. Stop back tomorrow with Kim, and make sure to wish her a belated birthday. If you live near a beach, throw some sand in the air in celebration. She loves all things beach-y!

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