Friday, April 18, 2008


The sun is shining, the air is warm, the birds are singing, and I am so glad it is Friday! The weekend ahead holds hope and promise of time with family, laughter with friends, extra sleep, and worship with the Lord. I'm already looking forward to 'a day of rest.'

This past week has been filled with medical appointments, a front tooth extraction, and surgery for my son. I have spent so much time leaning on Him and His strength just to make it through the days. His peace and love for me has warmed my heart and kept me sane. My only side effect of it all has been my stomach rumbling as if to say, "Okay you have held it all together but I have had enough!" It was a reminder of just how weak my flesh can be in times of trial and tribulation. It was also a reminder of life before relationship, a relationship with Jesus, my Savior and friend.

It was only a few years ago, one cold January day when I let my walls of pain, anxiety, disappointment, anger, and regret down at the altar of a small church. It was a day where I was "sick and tired of being sick and tired." It was a day when I was ready to surrender it all and see what this life of being a 'Christian' was all about.

As I approached the altar the tears were flowing. When I arrived a woman approached me and asked if I wanted to tell her what I wanted prayer for. To ashamed of my sin and struggles I shook my head no. She gently touched my head and began to pray. It was as though she were reading my mind. She prayed for peace in my mind and spirit. She prayed for relationship and trust in Him. And it was there at the altar that I cried and felt Him lift my burden, inviting me to trust Him.

Since that day my walk with the Lord has been like an amusement park roller coaster ride. It has had uphill climbs with downhill delights, twists and turns, acceleration and speed, and moments of sitting on the track while He repaired the brokeness inside me. He has showed me, especially through His written word, how to trust Him as I lift my hands in total surrender anticipating the 'ride of my life.'

The past few years have been a ride like no other. And as the week comes to a close I lift my hands and thank Him for riding with me, strapped in by my side. I cannot imagine the week without Him. Amen.

Have a blessed weekend! Kim

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