Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Restoring Dreams

I'm reading Bill Johnson's Dreaming with God and it's such a relevant message.  Across the board I'm seeing women realize they were created for purpose.  God gave them dreams and for too long, the true defeated one has robbed us of those dreams.

Restoration is another message I see happening and with dreams, I think it means God takes back what was stolen and returns us to the place where His dreams are.  Not our dreams, His.  The dreams He formed within us when we were in the womb.  I am loving what I'm seeing.  There are grandmothers learning ballet or taking art classes, moms writing books, no matter the age they are embracing what's been inside them all along.

Can you relate to that?  Does redeeming dreams mean anything to you?  Restoration?

Years ago I remembered an interview with NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr.  As soon as he was born I'm guessing his destiny was sealed just by his name.  When his father died, the pressure was all the more apparent.  For the business, he had to drive, meet contract expectations, and do all the things a professional race car driver does.
Thing is, I saw his eyes light up when he talked about a life far removed from the bright lights and fast tracks.  He admitted (at the time) that he'd love to just go down the street to an auto shop and change oil.  Even if it was minimum wage.

This from a multi million dollar brand.  He's not just a man, he's a business.  Yet his dream would be (again, at the time of the interview) to walk away and tinker with cars.

Chances are your name isn't Trump or Earnhardt and you aren't tied to the family business.  What's your dream?  Are you living it?  Can you feel the dream budding forth within you?  Tell us about it if you're comfortable.  We love comments.

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 Julie Arduini is a writer and speaker residing in NE Ohio with her husband and two children.  Her first published fiction work is included in Delivered by the Peculiar People Postcard Project.  To see her complete writing and speaking resume, please visit her at her website.


Andrea said...

Thanks. Hope you are having a great day.
Hugs, andrea

Anonymous said...

My dream became reality 7 years ago when I married Marisela. She is an angel from God who had waited 50 years of her life for the only man of her life. What a blessing that God has given me to be the chosen one.We are both Christians who have dedicated our lives to Christ and our marriage is indeed made in heaven. Our blog is our first attempt to reach people via internet and although only 3 months old we can feel the hand of God working along with us. We both feel that God has chosen us to be fishers of men and his blessings continue to flow.
What a joy to be free!