Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Negative "-ion" Series

We continue to scratch our heads when we look and see the readers that visit here and where they come from. We're not here as often as we like but we are so grateful for you. We truly just our three moms who are navigating deeper waters of Christian faith. We're willing to let God use us in spite of us.

This is the case with today's post. I have no idea why He's downloading to my heart, but I am so grateful and wanting to be a good steward with what He gives. A month or so ago a series of events hit around me and I was in prayer tying to piece them all together.

God let me know there is a common denominator: deception. As a whole we're believing a lie and the lie is that we are the defeated one. The Lord is loving on His kids letting them know it's not so. Deception is just a word, a negative word that has -ion on the end. The thing is, He's ready to exchange those negative -ions for positive ones.

So the first download He gave me was getting rid of deception. Embrace the truth that the real defeated one is not you. It's the true defeated one, satan. He's desperate and talk about a recession, now there is an organization on a failing budget. The defeated one has to use cheap tricks because it's all he can afford. So the negative -ion words I will share are ones the defeated one has been using on us because they used to work. In Jesus' name, we're done with those words, choices, and beliefs. We're instead embracing the + -ion words.

So if you fell for something or someone in 2009 or earlier that left you thinking how on Earth did I fall for that deception? You're not alone. You're not alone if you've spent a season or more thinking you are the defeated one. You aren't. You are a celebration. A Child of Christ. A miracle, a wonder. His delight.

I hope this touches your heart. I'll be sharing more of these thoughts here. If you want a sneak peek, I invite you to find me on Facebook. I have a group called Julie Arduini: The Surrendered Scribe where I send the -ion messages once a week to them first. I'm also sharing those messages at The Cypress Times.

Have a wonderful week living it out in celebration!

Julie Arduini is a writer and speaker residing in NE Ohio with her husband and two children.  Her first published fiction work is included in Delivered by the Peculiar People Postcard Project.  To see her complete writing and speaking resume, please visit her at her website.

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