Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lessons Learned from Jill Austin's Dancing with Destiny

I'm nearing the end of the late Jill Austin's Dancing with Destiny.
This chapter is about strategies for soliders, key things as a praying person you can ask for and know God will equip you for the unseen battle called intercession.

This chapter deserves a book of its own. I took a course on this subject because I've always had a sensitive ear for God and would be a step or two ahead of others. For years I felt it was a curse because few could relate to me or me them. Researching this topic and really praying on it helped me see being a messenger for God's kingdom is a blessing.

But like Spiderman, it also requires great responsibility.

I think we are very close to the place where the word prophecy isn't so scary or abused as it used to be. The phrase "thus saith the Lord" was beyond worn out and sometimes applied during wrong times. Sometimes people meant harm, and most of the time, they didn't. They were simply acting without guidance and were like me when I turn on the supermax hose on the car wash.

Out of control.

Jill makes an excellent point I need to take seriously, because I haven't been. I want to be an effective vessel for Him and that means the things of this world can't appeal to me or have a hold on me more than Christ does. One of my issues is gossip. I love news and I love reading. And more often than not I find my browser heading in a direction that seems like news, but it's gossip.

My choices put a black eye on the incredible things God could do if I was giving Him clear access. So if you are someone that stands in the gap in the name of Christ in prayer, don't forget to pray for yourself. Ask God to open your eyes and ears not only to His ways and what He has for others, but what He's seeing in you. What convicts me might not be a conviction for you.

For some, I know great people of prayer very solid in Christ who watch "R" movies. I just can't. The last movie I remember was John Travolta's Face/Off. That movie was well written and acted but I felt such evil my spirit was out of whack for days. Sometimes there are even PG-13 movies I have to walk away from. But that's my conviction, and you need to ask God for yours.

A lot of people struggle finding the balance between what to say when God gives them something, and when to be quiet. I tell people my life is about trial and error, mostly error. If I see something, as Jill wrote, like a flower, I'll wait on it, pray about it.

If I get that "burn in my belly" I've learned for me, I'll probably be speaking about it. I keep praying and when the time comes, that burn is out of control. I just know. But I refuse to use the words, thus saith the Lord. If God gives me a message it's for His glory and for the person to seek Him for the rest of the answer. I don't make generic promises, but if I sense something, and I've got that burn, I'll share it---and tell them to go to God with it for more. That way it isn't about me and I'm not making fleshy promises.

Sometimes I get a whole lot of information, downloads I call them, and I'd blab it all over the place. Yea, don't do that. Again, after prayer I came to realize that information was His sacred time with me to give me prayer directive. Some people aren't willing to hear the things I couldn't wait to share about them or a loved one. Finally I'm pretty much to the point that when I have a sense about something, I go to Him first. I'm starting to see things unfold that I had an inkling about, but I knew it was not for me to say, just pray on. It's so much sweeter when I do things His way.

That's the base of the chapter. If you think messengers of God are brilliant, perfect people, take a look in the Bible. Jonah was pretty rebellious when it came to obedience. Jeremiah was the "weeping prophet". I can relate to him. Often after a move of God that I prayed about to some degree, I'm emotionally wiped and I cry my eyes out. I've learned to not schedule a lot when I sense such a move coming, because I won't be with it and I know it.

Again, trial and error. God is gracious and He's not expecting you to know it all. In fact, you never will because then He's not necessary. If you say too much or too little, let God know you goofed and you don't want to repeat it. If your heart is pure, you'll get plenty of other opportunities.

 Julie Arduini is a writer and speaker residing in NE Ohio with her husband and two children.  Her first published fiction work is included in Delivered by the Peculiar People Postcard Project.  To see her complete writing and speaking resume, please visit her at her website.

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