Friday, April 16, 2010

The Passion Play Jesus

It's been a couple weeks since this happened, but I can't shake it.   to the font

Our youngest needed her adenoids and tonsils removed.  The last time she was in a children's hospital, it was a life or death situation.  I knew this time around was different, but the deep seated memories flew to the forefront. If I could have taken a billboard out asking for prayer, I most likely would have done it.

At the same time, our church held their tenth annual Passion Play.  Their Palm Sunday presentation was the night before the surgery and our pastoral care pastor and wife asked us to meet them backstage.  We gathered around and prayed, adults oblivious to our surroundings.  When the prayer ended, the six year old made a statement.

"Jesus is here."

I wanted to pat her on the head and say I no sweetie, I know Jesus is with us.

She rolled her eyes, turned, and pointed.

"No, mom.  Jesus is here, praying with us."

Little did I know the man playing Jesus in the Passion Play was in character, wanting to walk through.  The reverent man that he is, he waited until our prayer was done.  My eyes were closed and I was trying to ask God for faith our daughter already had.

I thought Jesus' work was done and that I learned from the visual lesson.

A friend was in the play and apparently during cast prayer, she mentioned a toothache.  It wasn't long after she felt a touch on the shoulder.

"I hear you have a toothache.  Don't worry, it will be ok."

It was Passion Play Jesus.

Not only did he comfort her with those words and give her a little boost of faith with his authentic look, she noticed something.

Her pain disappeared.

Passion Play Jesus spoke encouraging words reaffirming the reality of Jesus we honor with the play.

Real Jesus was there.  How quick we forget unless it's Passion Play season and the man portraying Him stands behind you.  Real Jesus is always there.  Even after Passion Play.

Blessed be His name.

Photo by Eric Reed

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