Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary and Congratulations

Kim's right, we're over the 100 mark AND we are very close to over 1000 visits. Okay, 800 are probably from me trying to figure things out, but still, I'm excited. God is good.

They are modest so I'll add congrats to this post too.

Although there still needs to be a signed release and final edits, tentatively Kim and Maria will both have selections included in Lori Wagner's Quilting Patches of Life, Vol. 2. In fact, the designer of this blog, Dustin-Lee Casey, is also listed as a contest winner. Congrats also to LauraLee Shaw, a friend and faithful reader here.

Things at our house are still a battle between choosing fear or faith, I think this afternoon will reveal the Victor in all this, the One we've been clinging too all along. I'll blog on that tomorrow.

Congrats again Kim and Maria!

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