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Highlights from Sandie Freed's Crushing the Spirits of Greed and Poverty Chapter Two, Part Two

It's not very personal but I still feel led to do this. I'm reading Sandie Freed's book Crushing the Spirits of Greed and Poverty. I'm learning so much. These are my notes, just highlights I made. All words are Sandie Freed's, not mine. I'm only highlighting, there is that much to absorb. If anything here grabs you I can't say enough about buying the book.
There is so much to this chapter I split it up. The prayer of repentance at end is my summary, she has a specific prayer in the book.  I just hit key themes.  Again, buy the book!

History of Babylon: Kingdom of Satan

Nimrod: had a desire to lord over others and build great kingdoms out of selfish ambition laid great foundations within the kingdom of Babylon. His foundation of selfish ambition would support death structures for thousands of years to come.

Matthew Henry on Nimrod: He thought himself a mighty prince but before the Lord he was a mighty hunter. Great conquerors are great hunters. Satan attempts to hunt us as prey and conquer.

Nimrod named Babylon.  He named it “The Gate of God” but later became Babylon, which means confusion. He named Babylon after the god he worshipped.

Nimrod’s primary idol was Ammon Re, a Cushite god whose name means hidden.  In Egypt this god is known as Ra, the father of all gods, tied to creation and reproduction.  All of this is highly tied to the occult.  They operate in hiding.

The key to releasing godly wealth is to repent over idolatry and embrace truth.

The City of Shinar---Babel was the capital of a country named Shinar (later called Chaldea).  When Lot chose the best land, Sodom and Gomorrah, a confederacy of kings came against the land and overtook it. The King of Shinar, or Babylon, was one of the kings that took the land.  In essence, a spirit of Babylon stole Lot, his family and possessions.  When Lot chose Sodom and Gomorrah, he willfully submitted to a sinful and defiled country and government.  By doing so he opened the door to an evil spirit and future captivity by Babylon.

The name of King of Shinar was Amraphel which means sayer of darkness.

Babylon only speaks darkness and defeat.

Most of us are at war against the evil effects of the Babylonian spirit. The stronghold is like an octopus, wrapping its demonic tentacles around businesses, school systems, corporations, governments, churches and families.

We must be like Abraham and cross over and fight for future generations to be freed from this bondage and slavery to the enemy.

We can’t enter into enlargement unless we go through gates.

We must take the wealth of Babylon through prayer, warfare, repentance and returning to God. We should pray that the world system of Babylon bow its knee to God.

Nebuchadnezzar’s Tower and false god

Neb. Was also a king of Babylon and prideful architecht. His temple of Nebo was built on the foundation of an old tower of Babel. Nebo was an idol of both Babylon and Assyria and considered their guardian god and their god of learning, education and wisdom.

As long as the devil has a seated position in our economy, during this same time of year a demonic confederacy declares that satan is the king of Babylon and king over us as well.

Cyrus was a foreshadow of Jesus Christ, the great deliverer who led people out of captivity and into a place of blessing, freedom, promise and wealth. Isaiah 45:1 the Lord calls Cyrus His anointed.

Through Christ and His blood we are anointed to be modern day Cyrusus who will conquer Babylon, tear down fat foundations of idolatry and Mammon, and rebuild altars of God in our businesses, economy and culture.

Cyrus was given a supernatural power to defeat his enemies. We have that same power.

Pray repentance over sin of idolatry, fear, love of money, lack of trust in God, murmuring, rebellion, and any gates you have opened that allowed entrance to the enemy.  Ask forgiveness for ancestors who took part in the same sins named above. Repent for not protecting heart and concerning our part with Mammon and Babylon.  Thank God for the righteous blood of Jesus---name His attributes and the freedom for you and future generations.  AMEN!


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