Friday, November 5, 2010

Highlights from Sandie Freed's Crushing the Spirits of Greed and Poverty: Chapter Two

It's not very personal but I still feel led to do this. I'm reading Sandie Freed's book Crushing the Spirits of Greed and Poverty. I'm learning so much. These are my notes, just highlights I made. All words are Sandie Freed's, not mine. I'm only highlighting, there is that much to absorb. If anything here grabs you I can't say enough about buying the book.
There is so much to this chapter I split it up. In the book she has a prayer of repentance, so at the end I summarized the key points of her prayer.

CHAPTER 2 Babylon and Wealth
Babylon has nothing but evil attachments to it and the Babylonian world system is detestable to God. We are born into this demonic system and it is familiar to us.

Money is neutral but the love of money and power imprisons us. Satan seduces our value and seeks to ensnare us into compromising our trust and faith in God.

If we buy into the system of Babylon, embracing its idolatry, whoredoms and evil, then we are prey to a “destroyer spirit” that seeks to devour us. The destroyer spirit is looking into an open door into our lives. We must plead the blood of the Lamb, Jesus, over the doorposts of our hearts.

The destroyer also desires to annihilate our belief in God’s desire to bless us.

Babylonian thinking is a false belief system concerning provision. One way to exit out of this system is to trust God and His word. According to 1 Corinthians 10:10, the destroyer has an open door to attack us if we murmur and complain. Murmuring and complaining is a big deal to God.

When we murmur against God concerning our provision, we actually are permamently stopping in our advancement in Him and actually living in the camp of the enemy.

Part of our trusting God for our daily bread involves our heart attitude towards giving and tithing.

Witholding from God (hoarding) due to fear of lack opens the door to the destroyer, who desires to destroy our fruit.

When we complain about how others are more blessed than we are we are going into agreement with Mammon and Babylon. If we maintain a poverty spirit and murmur against God we are actually erecting a death structure about us.

Death Structure: Whatever is not releasing life must be recognized as possibly releasing death, so we call these death structures.

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