Monday, October 25, 2010

Sandie Freed's Crushing the Spirits of Greed and Poverty

Lately I've felt a God tug to study "Mammon" and how to be a prayer warrior in this area. Sandie Freed has a great book out on this very subject and I'm learning so much. I think the whole Mammon issue is behind so much our country is dealing with--apathy, poverty, materialism and more.

This book is important enough to me that I plan to jot down my notes and share them here.  Please, please, please get the book. I'll only highlight key points that spoke to me.  It's a rich (pun intended) book filled with life changing information.

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Here are the notes just from the introduction by Chuck Pierce.
Notes on Sandie Freed’s Crushing the Spirits of Greed and Poverty:
Discerning and Defeating the Ancient Powers of Mammon and Babylon

Chuck Pierce:
This book is a war manual that defines an enemy and gives strategy for contending.

Poverty is refusing to become what God has created and destined us to be. It includes the mindset of not believing that the Lord can branch us into the fullness of His plan. Poverty is also the fear that we will lack. Poverty is the voice that says, “God is not able.”

Poverty takes hold through oppression and wrong authoritative structures (Isaiah 5:8) Fear can cause us to develop a mentality of covetnous or gluttony.

We can plant. We can watch our crops grow. We can even enjoy a harvest. But if we do not take an opportunity to gather and steward the harvest, a strategy of poverty will develop against us.

We combat poverty through kindness and generosity to others. Provide them access to our excess.  Think Boaz.

Develop reaping strategies.  Amos 9:13.

Buy this book, read it, and make a decree after reading this book that you will see all things restored.

Mammon---a god that attempts to rule us by aligning with structures that caused interest rates to exceed godly bounds. (Nehemiah 5:1-5)

Mammon creates fear and unwillingness to face our enemy. Proverbs 22:13 Faces us to succumb to persecution of faith. 2 Corinthians 6 and 8). Mammon forces us into debt and financial defeat.

The love of money, philarguria, is avarice, greed, covetness. Wrongly desire possessions of others. If we aren’t careful, money will produce the fruit of covetousness in our hearts. The deceitfulness of riches, a perceived power that comes with money, is another issue. (Mark 4:19) This produces an attitude of the heart that seeks to manipulate through false pretenses and appearances.

Ask the Lord to shine His light on all darkness linked with the spirits being addressed here so you can see.

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