Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Narrow Gate Still Invites

Knock knock knock...


Anyone there?


We can't blame you if you aren't but we're trusting God that someone out there is still around. Although I haven't seen Maria, I know she is busy with family. When I caught up with Kim we were amazed at how identical the themes were in our lives.

 Kim still has a heart for the gypsies in Romania and things are busier than ever for her. I'm writing and spent most of this year creating devotionals called Already a ChampION:30 Devotionals Proclaiming You Aren't the Defeated One. Yet both of us realized of all the things God could do with our lives, He is doing this--
taking us through the narrow gate.

Funny thing is, we thought we'd been there and done that. We accepted the call to serve Him no matter what. He let us both know the gates continue. This is a step up and it's more narrow than ever. The baggage called my expectations for other people is strapped on my back and I keep getting caught on the gate. God has lovingly let me know I'm not going through the narrow gate until I let the baggage go.

Promises narrow gate Pictures, Images and Photos

It. has. been. so. frustrating.

The biggest revelation God gave me was that I bring my "A" game to nearly everything I do, and I expect everyone to do the same. They probably bring their "A" game, but they don't bring mine. Imagine the frustration. Hence, the image I have of me trying to pass through the narrow way to only get caught by the things on my back.

So that's where I've been, and it's a little update on Maria and Kim, too. I'm reading a great book that I'm learning so much from. Stay tuned to learn what it is. I'll be posting notes here from time to time because the information is that good and relevant.

How about you? Can you relate to God calling you to a new, more narrow place? How are you dealing with it?


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